Holiday Cannabis Recipes: DIY Holiday Edibles

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The holidays are a great time to connect with loved ones, take a break from “real” life and unwind in the best way. Another great way to unwind? Cannabis. Sure you could light up another joint or bowl (and I am sure we all will during the holidays), but cooking with cannabis is a great way to prepare a festive dish with some added flair and really channel the holiday vibes—the weed holidays. If you are ready to show off your culinary cannabis skills this holiday season, keep reading for some holiday cannabis recipes sure to make your (of-age) friends and family smile.

Cannabis Holidays

With turkey day behind us, it’s time to bust out the ugly sweaters, twinkly lights and baked goods — yourself included. Get into the weed holiday spirit with more than just a jolly joint this year by incorporating cannabis into your holiday traditions. Whether you’re looking to deepen your relaxation while out of the office, or take the edge off in preparation for possibly frustrating visiting family members, adding some holiday edibles to the menu is a great way to fully enjoy the season.

Before we get into the weeds (pun intended) of some delicious DIY holiday edibles, make sure you understand the importance of decarboxylation when crafting 420 recipes. Once you have selected your strain and amount, grind the bud thoroughly, then place it on an oven-safe baking dish to cook for about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the oven and strain) at 215 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure your weed’s potency is not compromised, as cannabis must be heated to induce psychoactive effects. We want our weed holidays to be bright and merry, lest we over-toast or undercook our bud before baking.

Holiday Edibles

The best and most sure-fire method of adding cannabis to your holiday recipes is to create a vat of cannabutter or a bottle of cannabis oil. Butter and oil are necessary in nearly every dish, and are so easy to infuse with cannabis.

For dosing’s sake, as we don’t want to have grandpa knocked out on the couch before the pie comes out, a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD is recommended. When making infused butter for holiday edibles, take a small saucepan (or do the double boiler method) and add your decarbed bud with your allotted butter and ¼ cup water. Heat on low, simmering for approximately 50 minutes, then strain through a thin colander before placing in the fridge to set.

For cannabis oil, you can use any regular cooking oil such as olive, avocado, vegetable, etc. The only difference from the butter recipe is to simmer on low for 2-3 hours, making sure the oil is between 160-200 degrees.

Now you’re ready to get cooking!

420 Recipes

Cannabutter, being fat-based, is great for cooking just about anything but especially sweet treats! Add it to several family favorites, include it in a new traditional dish, or simply use it as a spread for the dinner rolls.

This sugar cookie recipe from Emily Kyle is sure to please everyone on the nice list, including Santa himself! This 420 recipe only calls for seven ingredients that you likely already have in the pantry, making it all the easier to create a perfectly soft and chewy sweet treat.

CannabisWiki’s coconut canna oil-based cranberry sauce recipe will add a tangy zing to any holiday meal you make this year. Quick and easy to make, it’s also great for bringing to large gatherings, as it’s a dish best enjoyed in small portions, as a topping or a side.

Infused oil is another essential element in most holiday cannabis recipes and serves its purpose best in savory dishes. Its versatility is incredible and can be used to deep fry, pan-sear or mix into any dish, keeping your cannabis holidays cheery. 

Potato latkes are a staple for any holiday season and are guaranteed to elevate your seasonal gathering. Prepare the latkes as usual, then fry over medium heat in a skillet with about six tablespoons of infused olive oil. Check out Leafly’s potato latkes recipe for some of the crispiest, most satisfying results.

Serving a bird this year? Be it turkey, pheasant, chicken or otherwise, roasted vegetables are always a key side dish. Infused Eats has an easy-to-follow 420 recipe complete with potatoes, onion, carrots, squash and garlic.

No cannabis holiday feast is complete without a festive drink to wash it all down. Infused cannabis hot cocoa is an easy favorite, but why not spread your wings and give CannabisWiki’s infused mulled wine recipe a try this year? Full of sweet spices, a full bottle of wine and citrusy notes to warm your belly and heart.

Weed Holidays

Before you jet off and try your hand at these holiday cannabis recipes, be sure to inform all of your guests about the contents of their dishes, and don’t forget to label your infused dish if you’re taking it to a gathering! And remember Christmas can be a long day. Abide by the age-old mantra: start low, go slow. Enjoy the merry season, and cheers to wrapping up another year!

Stock Up for Cannabis Holidays

Don’t forget to stock up before the holiday! Many dispensaries are closed on major holidays. Lucky for you, we have the perfect container to protect your cannabis well beyond. Show your buds some love by protecting them from the elements with the ultimate cannabis storage solution, a CVault from Freshstor.

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