CVault® Storage Containers: The World’s Smartest Curing & Humidity-Controlled Cannabis Stash Container. No thinking required!

cannabis stash containers

Revives old product

2 Way Humidity Control

Enhances Taste

Improves Smoothness

Store Product Longer

Reduce Weight / $$ Loss

Consistency – Boutique or Branded Flower

Sop Curing & Storage

Humidity Options


CVault® Storage Containers

A division of FreshStor! CVaults are perfect for curing and storing flower, tobacco, spices and other dried goods. CVault storage containers are manufactured with 304 food-grade stainless steel & powered by Boveda’s two-way humidity control pak. The CVault® enhances taste and aroma, and it maintains the integrity of its contents.

Science Under The Lid

  • CVault cannabis stash containers control air, light & humidity
  • Thick silicone ring ensures a reliably tight seal
  • Patented holder specially designed to hold Boveda® packs
cvault storage containers | cannabis stash containers

Growers use CVault® Storage Containers to Grow Profits

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    cvault storage containers


    Design & Function

    • CVaults have a wide mouth design for easy access
    • Durable 304 food-grade stainless steel
    • Multiple latch design locks in product freshness
    cvault storage containers

    62% Humidity Control

    • The perfect companion for CVault® storage containers
    • Patented 2-way humidity control technology
    • No loss of moisture, oils, character, terpenes or flavor
    • All natural elements; salt & water, NO CHEMICALS!
    • Other humidity levels available!
    cannabis stash containers for humidity control

    The Perfect Pair

    CVault® Storage Containers & Boveda® Humidity Paks

    The combination of a CVault storage container and a Boveda humidity pack creates the perfect environment for curing and storing flower and other dried goods. Maintaining flower at an ideal and constant humidity means it will not lose or gain any moisture. With CVault storage containers, flower will be maintained at its ideal moisture level throughout its intended lifespan, sometimes longer. And the best part is that all CVaults come with a Boveda!

    CVault® Storage Containers: Sizing Information

    CVault® Interior Dimensions Volume/Liters Capacity
    XSmall CVault 3.25” x 1” or 8 CM x 2.5 CM .09 1/4 oz | 7 grams
    Small CVault 3.25” x 1.75” or 8 CM x 4.4 CM .175 1/2 oz | 14 grams
    Medium CVault 4” x 2.67” or 10 CM x 8.5 CM .50 1 oz | 28 grams
    Large CVault 4.75” x 3.33” or 12 CM x 6.5 CM .95 2 oz | 56 grams
    2 Liter CVault 7” x 4” or 18 CM x 10 CM 2.0 1/4 lb
    4 Liter CVault 9” x 5.5” or 23 CM x 14 CM 4.0 1/2 lb
    8 Liter CVault 10” x 7” or 26 CM x 18 CM 8.0 1 lb.
    21 Liter CVault 13.5” x 10.25” or 33 CM x 26 CM 21.0 kilo-2 lbs. +
    50 Liter CVault 19.85” x 11.2” or 50.4 CM x 28.4 CM 50.0 5 lbs. +

    CVault® Storage Containers: Find Your Perfect Fit

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