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“The build quality and features of the CVault come together to make an excellent storage solution for your weed.”

“Having used the CVault for a number of weeks, I have no concerns what so ever about its ability to maintain the quality of my weed over the long term. Anyone who keeps a personal stash will likely notice a difference, especially if they are currently just using baggies. My only problem with the CVault was the ease with which the humidity pack is inserted into its lid pouch. It has a small lip, which makes inserting it a little tricky. But this is a really minor problem, and only an issue because I am specifically looking for something to complain about – it turns a task that should be instant into one that takes about ten seconds. The lip ensures the pack is held in place.”

“CVault containers are definitely going to appeal to cannabis lovers who like to channel their inner Martha Stewarts.”

“The bottom line? If you love your weed, you’ll want it to stay as fresh, flavorful, and potent as possible until it’s all gone. EVault and CVault containers are the easiest and most stylish way to achieve that.”

“We’ve been using these containers for years now, and can truly attest to their great engineering.”

“I use CVault containers to hold my “working stash”- the strains that I’m currently enjoying rather than keeping in storage. The small and medium containers fit perfectly in my Stashlogix bag, thus keeping them safe from prying eyes. I use the extra-small container for holding the ground up flower that I constantly go through. The xtra small containers don’t have the latch top, so are easier and faster to access for any smoke or vape sesh, and they have the same unique lid and Boveda® humidity pack. Keeping that supply of ground up cannabis in a separate container rather than in my grinder means I can hold a bigger supply and keep a tidier sesh area.”

“This right here is the world’s smartest curing and storage container.”

“With 62% humidity control, the CVault has patented 2-way humidity control technology. This means no loss of oils, character, or flavor of your products. This all all done with NO chemicals! CVaults are made from durable, food grade stainless steel. A thick silicone ring under the lid ensures an airtight seal, and contains a pack holder specifically for your Boveda pack (included). The CVault containers control air, light, and humidity within the container, ensuring a tight seal as well as freshness and quality inside of the container.”

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CVault® Storage Containers: Find Your Perfect Fit

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