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EVault™: Isolate and Distillate Extract Storage

Experts agree that an extract storage container is only as effective as the material it’s made from, and it’s nearly as important as the strain and potency. That’s why created the EVault™. It’s made from medical-grade 316 stainless steel, making it perfect for all isolate and distillate oil extract storage needs.

The EVault™ is easy to clean. While it’s safe to put it in most dishwashers, we recommended washing your EVault with mild soap and water for the best results. Once clean, dry the container with a soft cloth, and make sure to remove all moisture before adding product. Note: steel brushes and abrasive materials can compromise the integrity of your EVault™.

The EVault™ protects products from humidity, excess light and moisture, making it the perfect option for powder and oil extract storage. When you use the proper storage system, your product will retain its terpenes, potency and weight for a long time. The EVault™ is a sanitary and safe extract storage container, which means the active properties of powders, oils and concentrates will be protected well beyond its typical shelf-life.

EVault™ Sizing Information

The EVault™ comes in three sizes to meet the needs of all producers and processors.

EVault Interior Dimensions Volume/Liters Capacity
3-Liter EVault 7.75” x 4.2” or 19.7 CM x 10.7 CM 3.0 3 liters | 3 kilos
7-Liter EVault 10” x 5.75” or 25.4 CM x 14.6 CM 7.0 7 liters | 7 kilos
21-Liter EVault 13” x 10.75” or 33 CM x 27.3 CM 21.0 21 liters | 21 kilos

Find the perfect EVault™ for your sanitary extract storage needs

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