5 Reasons to Properly Store Your Cannabis

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As the premium storage solution for cannabis flower buds, FreshStor understands the need to maintain freshness. It is, after all, the inspiration behind our curing and storage container system, CVault, as well as our extract storage container, EVault. Along with engineering the smartest method for cannabis storage, we consider ourselves the experts on proper cannabis storage. Here are five reasons why you want to provide such storage for your flower.

Reason #1: Stop Sunlight Degradation

A clear container made of glass offers some protection but not against sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation. The UV rays are what break down the organic matter in the cannabis flower. Fortunately, you can opt for colored glass or stainless steel containers, the latter of which includes CVault. Colored glass containers only block out part of the sun’s rays. If you want a completely sealed environment where you protect against sunlight from overheating your cannabis, opt for our food-grade 304 stainless steel container. This also helps reduce the heat from sun exposure, which is detrimental to the plant’s shelf life.

Reason #2: Minimize Oxygen Exposure

Cannabis flower is affected by the oxygen level in the container used to store it. Oxygen is also related to how the plant is dried and cured. Curing cannabis is the process of drying the flower to a certain temperature and humidity. This is vital for maintaining the color, flavor, aroma, and structure of the bud for a consistent experience. However, too much or too little oxygen continues to cure the plant. Make sure you have just the right amount of humidity by controlling oxygen exposure. 

The ideal humidity for cannabis is between 59 and 63 percent relative humidity (RH). When cannabis storage drops below 59 percent humidity, as can occur in dry environments, cannabis trichomes degrade, resulting in a poor experience for cannabis users.

Reason #3: Reduce Risk of Mold

If you leave the cannabis unprotected without a sealed container, you run the risk of exposing the flower to mold or mildew. According to Leafly, you can prevent mold growth by keeping flower below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s because 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are optimal temperatures for growing such fungi and bacteria. 

Not enough protection along with moisture creates the perfect bed for mold. If you are a producer or grower of cannabis, you run an even bigger risk. Boveda points out that smoking moldy cannabis flower can lead to irritating symptoms including wheezing and fever, as well as more devasting issues like lung infection and death. 

Here is where that RH comes in to play again. If the relative humidity of the environment of the cannabis is higher than 65 percent, you increase the risk of growing mold. Keeping your humidity down with Boveda packets along with proper cannabis storage prevents this from being a problem.

Reason #4: Save Against Crushing

If you have a perfectly manicured and trimmed cannabis flower covered in a thick coating of crystals, the last thing you want to do is stuff it in a bag. There it will be crushed. You want to give your bud a happy home. This way there is less damage to the trichomes observed in the crystalline structures sticking to the plant material. 

The sparkly crystals and hairs surrounding the flower are where the majority of the cannabinoids including THC and CBD are contained. This is also home to those tasty terpenes like myrcene and limonene that offer desired flavors to the smoking experience.

A jar with a removable lid will give you the easiest way to store and access your cannabis flower. You can sift through your plant buds and nuggets using the end of a blunt instrument, such as a toothpick or a stick. A tip is to remove cannabis without squeezing it with the use of tweezers to further protect its structural integrity. This way you do not contaminate your flower with germs or bacteria in the process.

Reason #5: Security From Visual Detection

Whether you have small children at home or roommates, you have reason to want to keep your cannabis out of sight. This product is not legal around anyone under the age of 18. Plus, cannabis is highly valuable and can be a target for home burglar invasions. As a result, you want to conceal your cannabis flower in a discrete manner. 

Using a stainless steel container as a storage solution for cannabis allows you to do just that while protecting the organic matter of the plant. This ensures you will have the best smoking experience as your plant will be at the perfect level of curing.

Storage Solution for Cannabis

Find out more about how to get started with your first–or 15th–CVault food-grade stainless steel container for cannabis.


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