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CVault® is the revolutionary way to store your tobacco, spices or flower for everyday use to ensure long-lasting flavor and freshness. CVault® is constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel and built to last for years. Cleaning your CVault® is simple: add it to the dishwasher or rinse it out with warm, soapy water. Find the right size for your storage needs today.

The airtight, stainless steel construction of CVault® storage containers helps to protect your product from excessive exposure to air, light, and moisture. Combine them with a Boveda humidity pack for a longer shelf-life.

CVault® Curing Container


EVault™ is the newest storage container in the FreshStor lineup. The EVault™ is constructed with upgraded 316 stainless steel, providing the perfect secure & sanitary environment for plant-extracted oils, distillates and isolates.

The EVault™ storage container takes the uncertainty out of product protection. The stainless steel container is designed to protect your product from excess light and moisture, making the EVault™ is the best choice for all of your plant and extract storage needs.

EVault™ Secure & Sanitary Extract Storage
CVault® Home Grow Kits

Home Grow Kits

We offer a variety of combo packs to meet your individual growing needs.

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