Marijuana Containers for Personal and Dispensary Use

personal marijuana storage | stainless steel storage container

One of the most overlooked aspects of storing marijuana is picking out the best marijuana container for your personal stash. If you’ve ever tried to store weed for long periods of time, then you know things can quickly get dry in there, especially if you’re not using the right personal marijuana container.

CVault is the best personal and dispensary marijuana container, perfect for curing and storing your cannabis. CVault’s air-tight marijuana container is powered by Boveda humidity packs which create the optimum environment for maintaining the right humidity levels for your cannabis.

CVault is simply the best available personal marijuana container for curing and long-term storage.

How Do You Keep Your Weed Fresh?

Keeping marijuana fresh is a mystery to most people. They don’t bother to find out how to store their marijuana properly, because they assume they’ll use it all soon anyway. But, when that doesn’t happen and you begin to keep your marijuana for several months at a time you’ll notice it begins to dry out rather quickly.

This is especially true if you keep your marijuana in the complete wrong conditions. Dark, airtight, and with 62% humidity is the optimal way to keep your marijuana fresh. CVault was designed to meet all of these criteria and be the best marijuana containers around for keeping weed fresh. So after we built CVault, we decided to prove its effectiveness.

The Science Behind Keeping Your Weed Fresh

Our study concluded that marijuana that was stored for 160 days in the CVault maintained all of its THC levels. Whereas marijuana stored improperly will begin to lose THC right away. This is especially true if you store marijuana in plastic bags or glass jars that allow exposure to light.

If you choose to store your weed in plastic style baggies, or something worse, then all of that exposure to light and air will dry out your weed almost instantly. That’s why it’s so important to keep your weed fresh with CVault.

In order to keep your weed as fresh as possible you need to store it in the optimal conditions, CVault is scientifically proven to keep weed fresh for as long as possible. Dark, airtight, and packed with a little humidity is the way to go when you want to store your weed for long stretches of time.

CVault: Personal Marijuana Container

The higher the THC levels of your marijuana, the less you’ll have to consume, so over time, you’ll actually save money on marijuana. A lot of weed users will just keep their stash in any old box, or plastic bag they’ve got lying around. However, it’s important to not fall into this trap and just invest in a proper marijuana container instead.

Marijuana is not exactly cheap nowadays, so why not ensure each pickup stays fresh for as long as possible. Just think about it, all monetary benefits aside, having fresh marijuana on tap is just a nice luxury for yourself.

Dispensary Owners Rejoice

Everything we’ve mentioned about CVault so far is especially pertinent if you’re operating a dispensary. It’s not uncommon to see large quantities of weed being stored in commercial mason jars at some dispensaries. However, the number of dispensaries who store their weed this way is dropping significantly as people discover the benefits of proper dispensary marijuana containers.

Opening and closing mason jars and allowing oxygen in every time a customer wants to examine a strain is terrible for marijuana’s THC levels over time. Not to mention the constant exposure to light that will affect the freshness of marijuana rather quickly.

With CVault, once the Boveda humidity pack is placed inside, and the lid is closed, the container is hard at work again. You don’t ever have to question whether or not your flower is staying fresh inside. That’s a whole other level of peace of mind that many marijuana containers just can’t provide.

Boveda Humidity Packs

Like we’ve mentioned, using a marijuana container that is dark and airtight is just half of the battle, you’ve also got to maintain proper humidity levels throughout the storage process. Marijuana stored in CVault marijuana containers, which have humidity levels around 62%, simply keep the most THC compared to any other solution.

That’s why we have Boveda Humidipaks in stock for every size of CVault available. If you’re not sure which Boveda humidity control packet you need for your CVault we even let you know which CVaults work best with each specific Boveda humidity packs.

Use CVault to Grow Profits

Customers love nothing more than consistent and high-quality flower. By using CVault’s marijuana containers you can consistently deliver the same high-potency marijuana product without exception.

If you’ve been looking for the best way to reinvest in your dispensary, then CVaults are likely a small purchase that could offer a big solution. Switching to CVault marijuana containers now will go a long way in building a solid foundation for the future of your dispensary.

Buying CVault and Boveda Humidipaks Together

Whether you’re buying CVaults for personal or dispensary use we make it easy to buy a combination of CVaults and Boveda humidifier packs together. Optimize your current curing and storing situation by purchasing a combination pack of CVault and Boveda Humidipaks.

Combo packs range from 4 liters to 21 liters CVault marijuana storage container combos for dispensaries.

Purchasing CVaults as combos are especially useful if you need to order a large number of supplies all at once for an upcoming overhaul of your current marijuana curing and storage solution.

Digital Hygrometers

It’s important to consider whether or not you need a digital hygrometer for your marijuana container as well. If you’re looking for absolute efficiency, then a digital hygrometer is essential for monitoring humidity levels in your storage environment.

By maintaining a humidity level around 62% within your marijuana container, you’re keeping your marijuana as potent as possible. Utilizing an exact humidity strategy, made easy by CVault, is absolutely the best way to store your marijuana over time.

Secret Weed Containers

Looking for a super secret weed container? CVault stores your weed nonchalantly while keeping it as fresh as possible. The extra small personal CVault is your best option for keeping a handy secret weed container.

You could keep your weed stash in a mason jar, only if you plan on using that weed all within a few days or a week. Because after that your weed is going to be dry and in need of desperate rejuvenation.

Go with the only secret weed container that also maximizes the life and potency of your marijuana.

CVault: Voted The Best Personal Marijuana Container

CVault’s marijuana containers were not voted the best storage containers by High Times, Weedist, Ganjily, and The Weed Tube by accident. These publications all agreed, and science proved, that CVault delivers exactly what it promises for optimum marijuana curing and storage.

If you want a marijuana container that actually delivers what it promises, then switch to CVault marijuana containers today. When daily cannabis users switch to CVault for the storage of their flower, the results are massive. Better highs, and more consistency in THC potency in the long run.

Treat yourself to one of CVault’s personal marijuana containers today if you need fresh weed on demand and without compromise.

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