Stash Box: Why CVault is the Best Choice

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Are you looking for a good container to hide your stash? When you choose your stash box, you first have to consider its features and whether they’ll work well for your needs. The way it looks is only secondary. But of course, it would be nice if it looks great as well. But what if you can have a container that has all the right features and looks good? In this post, let’s get to know the features that make an awesome weed stash box and why CVault is the best choice for that.

Consider Your Home and Living Situation First

To know if the features of the stash box are perfect for you, you’d have to consider your home and living situation. For example, do you live alone, with your friends, or with your family? Do you get a lot of visitors? These are some of the questions to ask yourself because you have to know how safe or vulnerable your stash box is.

Another thing to think about is not just the people but also their behavior. Are there children around who’ll be curious about a mysterious box? Or do you have a roommate who likes to snoop around your things? So you see, it’s not just getting a stash box because it looks cool. There are a number of factors that you should first consider so that you can choose a stash box that will be perfect for you.

Why CVault is the Best Choice for Your Weed Stash Box

When looking for the best stash box, you should choose ones that can protect your herb from exposure such as air, heat, moisture, and light. This is a feature that you can expect from CVault stainless steel containers. Apart from protecting your stash from the elements, these containers are inconspicuous so your stash is safe from curious children or other people who may visit your home.

However, you can also use the CVault stainless steel containers to display your herb, especially if you have a good collection of different strains. This is ideal if you live with people you trust or if you don’t have visitors come over to your place often. The containers are available in a variety of sizes so you can choose ones that will be perfect for the amount of herb that you store at a given time.

CVault stainless steel containers have a simple design. When you put them in your kitchen cabinet, they will look like other herb containers. It would be easy to hide your stash in plain sight. But to make sure no kids get to reach your stash, put the containers high up the shelves in a dark and cool corner. It’s also the ideal environment for storing your herb.

Another thing to love about these containers from CVault is that it keeps the distinct scent of herb from escaping the containers. This means that your stash is safe from anyone who is familiar with the odor. Gone are the days that you leave your stash inside a paper or plastic bag. It’s not an effective way of hiding your herb and it also won’t be good for the buds. Keeping them in bags will leave them exposed. They’ll dry up and will not be pleasant to use anymore.

Great Places to Hide Your Stash

Now that you know why CVault is the best choice to store your stash, here are some ideas on where to hide the container in your home. If you get a lot of visitors or you have roommates and you want to keep your stash safe, you can try out these hiding places.

Pet Food Container

Pet food doesn’t smell pleasant. This will hide the scent of herb. But again, with CVault, you don’t have to worry about this. However, the pet food container is a good place to hide your stash. Wrap the container well and then place it the bottom of your pet food container. Just be sure to always keep the container full so as not to expose your stash.

Coffee Container

The same with the pet food, coffee will mask the scent of your stash. A good-sized coffee container will be a great hiding spot for your cannabis. Do the same with the tip above. Wrap your CVault stainless steel container and then place it at the bottom. See to it that the coffee container is always full so that no one will reach the bottom and see your stash. If you and your roommates love to drink coffee and everyone has access to it, this won’t be a good idea though.

Your Combat Boots

Combat boots don’t just look good for both men and women alike. They can also be your next hiding spot for your stash. The CVault stainless steel containers have different sizes. You can choose just a small one to hide your cannabis and also so that it can fit in your boots. You can tuck some socks in as well to hide your stash better.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need a very fancy stash box to hide your cannabis. What you have to check first is that the container is able to protect your cannabis from the elements such as air, moisture, and light. With CVault, you can expect that your stash will be protected and safe both from exposure to the elements and from curious people. This is why CVault is the best choice for your weed stash box.

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