Products that Complement the CVault

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When it comes to protecting your buds, getting a CVault is hands down the best marijuana storage decision you can make. There is a reason that CVaults are referred to as The World’s Smartest Curing & Storage Containers — No thinking required! CVaults truly provide the best long term marijuana storage. Nothing else even comes close. #IYKYK. If you’ve picked up a CVault (or five) because you want the best weed storage, then you’ve grown accustomed to smoking fresh and perfectly cured flower. You clearly enjoy the taste of flower, and that makes you a marijuana connoisseur in our book. Enhance your 420 enjoyment with the recommendations for products that complement the CVault.


Smoking cannabis, be it through a pipe, joint or bong, relies on the act of combustion. Vaporization on the other hand is the process of heating marijuana or hemp flower to a temperature just below the point of combustion, which then produces a stream of vapor that is inhaled. Vaping pot allows you to experience more pronounced flavor and distinction between strains, gives you more control over temperature, and is generally considered to be more convenient and discreet. It also is more efficient in extracting the cannabinoids from your dried herb, and the ABV (Already Vaped Bud) can then be used to make delights such as edibles and tea, whereas smoked weed just becomes ash and is then basically useless.

CVault owners already have the best marijuana storage available, why not enjoy all that freshness and taste to its fullest with a really great vaporizer? Some great vape options include:

  • AirVape X: This is the super easy vape. With a clear display that shows the temperature and battery life, and a slim and discreet design that won’t draw any unwanted attention, the AirVape X uses conduction and convection within a ceramic chamber to heat quickly and vaporize either the leaf or oil concentrate placed inside. Currently comes with an X Shell that makes it smell-proof and water-resistant. And at $139 it is worth every penny.
  • Magic Flight Launch Box: This is the really pretty vape. Made by local artisans in San Diego, CA, and sourced from natural and renewable materials, this is the eco-conscious choice that is also a real conversation piece. Available in a variety of different woods with a bunch of etched lid options, at around $150 give or take, it will definitely elicit some ooohs and ahhhhs.
  • G Pen Dash: This is the budget on-the-go vape. Small and portable with super easy controls on an aluminum alloy body, you’ll love how this feels in the palm of your hand, and at $70 your wallet will love it too. Ultra-discreet with a 3.6 inch length, it will fit in your pocket but still provide all the power you need.
  • Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid: This is the luxury tabletop vape. When money is no object and you want to get ridiculously high, this is the way to go. While it may not be all that pretty to look at, this is the top of the line for cannabis ingestion. With a fast heating process, a digital display for custom temperature settings, and the option of inhaling from either a tube kit or a valve balloon, this German-made $700 vape might not be for everyone — but the right person will enjoy it for years to come.


The CVault provides ideal long term marijuana storage. But when it’s time to consume, using a grinder will make it easier to smoke and more pleasurable to consume. If you’re vaping, grinding beforehand will really bring out all the natural flavors of the terpene profile, particularly when it’s been kept in the best weed storage.

If you’re using a pipe, it will not only result in smoother hits but will also keep your bowl from clogging up with ash. If you’re into DIY pre-rolls, ground pot will make it easier to roll tight joints that smoke better. The amount of grinders out there are numerous and plentiful, with hundreds of fun and affordable options on Amazon, and even a few labeled as “spice grinders” from Home Depot. But when it comes to the ones that really caught our eye, here are a few particular faves that pair well with the best in long term marijuana storage

  • The Qubus: Most handheld grinders are round but not the Qubus. They immediately stand out from the crowd because their cube-shape was designed to improve comfort with easily grip-able corners. A threadless design prevents any issues with sticking, and this three-chamber grinder has a unique magnetic locking system and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Quant Premium Electric Grinder: Here is a grinder that looks pretty much like a vape pen but has stainless steel blades that spin at a whopping 24,000 RPM to give multiple sessions worth of your bud a thorough grind within just 10 seconds.
  • Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder: Emptying the contents of a grinder can often be a messy process. The Tectonic9 is not a fully electronic grinder. This is one where you grind by hand, but then it uses a vibrational motor to channel your material out through a hole in the front with the press of a button, getting the perfect amount of ground product when and where you need it.
  • OG OTTO: This is the one and only automatic cone rolling machine, an electric blunt roller and grinder all in one. This baby mills your material to perfection in its expandable chamber — adjusting pressure, speed and direction based on the texture and consistency of what you’ve placed in it — and then passes that material neatly into a pre-made cone wrapper for a superior smoking experience.

Room Enhancers

One of the many reasons a CVault makes for the best weed storage available is that it enhances the flavor and aroma of the cannabis placed within it while keeping that aroma contained so no one will be the wiser. But once you smoke that premium ganja — all bets are off. That scent is gonna fill the room. Here are a couple things that can help keep your private life — private. 

  • Blunteffects: This scent-ual product line includes premium air-fresheners, incense, candles and even burning oils so you can replace that lingering smell of pot smoke with fantastic fragrance instead. Made with essential oils and highly concentrated, these scent collections are truly second to none. Blunteffects boasts that they are home to the best smell goods on the market. 
  • Smoke Trap: The only thing better than things that can remove unwanted aroma is something that prevents any aroma in the first place — and that is exactly what Smoke Trap does. Smoke Trap is a personal smoke filter that form-fits around your mouth and contains an activated carbon filter to eliminate smoke and, most importantly, smell. Soft, snug, comfortable and available in sizes perfect for home and travel, Smoke Trap means no smoke, no smell, no worry.

CVaults are constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel, have wide mouths and secure latches, and come with Boveda pack(s) included for patented two-way humidity control with no chemical additives — the best weed storage.

Using a CVault from FreshStor is the revolutionary long term marijuana storage for the ultimate in long-lasting flavor and freshness. By combining the best weed storage with any of the products above, you have the best marijuana storage available and all the accoutrements to enjoy it.

Photo: Bred by @barneys_farm and cultivated and photographed by @stinktinkie.