11 Must-Follow Cannabis Social Media Accounts

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According to Insider Intelligence, social media users spend roughly 95 minutes on social media per day. And there are thousands of cannabis social media influencers and industry pros you could be following. If you don’t have time for the research, you have come to the right place. We’ve taken the work out of finding great cannabis content on social media! Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast looking for new cannabis social media influencers and cannabis Instagram accounts to follow or a cannabis brand looking for a little social media inspiration, we’ve got you covered with our list of 11 must-follow cannabis social media accounts! In no particular order…

  1. @mcannabess: Bess Buyers knows how to do cannabis social media right! From stellar cannabis photography to educational captions, her cannabis Instagram page is blazing! What we perhaps admire most about her is how real she gets on her page, sharing parts of her cannabis journey while also bringing awareness to the plant and reasons to advocate for the industry. If your thing is down-to-earth educational accounts, check out her page.

  2. @theemeraldmagazine: The Emerald Magazine is a superb account to follow if you want to grow your knowledge of the cannabis industry and stay current on industry happenings. Their cannabis Instagram feed is downright smoking, with engaging yet informative graphics and captions. The Emerald Magazine is a fantastic example of using cannabis content on social media to inform an audience while still getting engagement. Photo credit: The Emerald Magazine

  3. @wyld_cbd: It’s no secret that Wyld CBD wins at making their products look fun and adventurous on social media. Through the use of thoughtful imagery, they proudly showcase the products outdoors, on adventures and fun times with friends and family. They keep their captions short and to the point while educating the viewer on the product’s benefits without being uber promotional.

  4. @thathighcouple: That High Couple is such a fun cannabis Instagram account to follow. If you haven’t already guessed, the account was created by a couple of self-proclaimed cannabis enthusiasts and follows their many cannabis adventures. That High Couple promotes their favorite pipes and products (including the CVault!), all while showing their passion for the plant and each other.

  5. @blackgirlssmoke: Vic Styles, founder of Black Girls Smoke, wins at using her platform to fight the stigma surrounding women of color who are cannabis users. The account is the epiphany of community, awareness, education and advocacy, landing a very worthy place on our list. The page also recently started announcing fun community meetups, like “High Girl Yoga in the Park”.

  6. @steve.deangelo: Steven DeAngelo is practically an icon within the cannabis space and no stranger to using his personal cannabis Instagram page to spread awareness and activism on social issues surrounding the industry and plant. Founder of Last Prisoner Project, Steven’s page is a wonderful example of using a personal Instagram account to spread awareness and education to your audience in an authentic, creative way!

  7. @jorgecervantesmj: If you’re looking for a cultivation specialist turned author and cannabis advocate, you must check out Jorge Cervantes! Jorge brilliantly uses his cannabis Instagram account to advocate for the plant and the people who love it, showcasing different grows, his cannabis travels and more! He occasionally pulls sections from his cultivation book, making his account engaging and educational! Jorge Cervantes, without a doubt, is a must-follow account.

  8. @_shadesofsyd: Shades of Syd is our go-to follow for a talented cannabis social media influencer and business owner. Not only is the aesthetic of her cannabis Instagram feed smokin’, but she does a fantastic job of showcasing the products from her small business and brand collaborations with outside vendors. Her feed is trendy, engaging and filled with top-notch cannabis photography.

  9. @thiscannabislife: Perhaps one of our favorite accounts on the list for cannabis photography, Morgan Leigh English is an expert on making stellar cannabis content on social media! Her feed is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, while her captions are down-to-earth and relatable. She also just became a mom and does not hold back on sharing her journey with cannabis and motherhood.

  10. @themommyjane: Speaking of a cannabis Instagram page dedicated to all the canna moms out there, check out The Mommy Jane! Dedicating her account to destigmatizing moms who use cannabis, her page exhibits advocacy and education in an easy-to-understand way (oh, and she’s built quite the following while doing so). In addition, she shares general cannabis knowledge, recent speaking engagements and other informative 420 tidbits!

  11. @canna.obscura: Last but certainly not least is Allie Beckett with Canna Obscura! Yet another dope cannabis photography page, she knows how to capture the plant and those who love it in the most perfect of moments. Her work is inspiring to say the least, and a must-follow for anyone looking for a dope cannabis photographer!

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