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As bans are being lifted and summer travel ramps up, it’s totally natural to have vacation on the mind. Taking a break from everyday life is an important part of self-care and good for the soul. When packing for a trip, it’s a smart idea to bring anything you may need. But what if — you have a need for weed? We are NOT lawyers and this is NOT legal advice, but we did dig up a few tricks and tips when it comes to bringing your best bud Mary Jane with you on vacay. 

State vs Federal

Wait, can you even travel with weed? While cannabis legalization has swept across the states in the past few years, it is still illegal at the federal level. This can make how to travel with weed very confusing. Whether considering travel from legal state to legal state, or legal state to illegal state, or from inside the U.S. to a foreign country, be careful, as the rules can vary greatly regarding what you can and cannot bring. Whether you have a medicinal marijuana card or are attempting to just bring some along for recreational use, researching and knowing the local laws of your origination and destination will make how to travel with weed a whole lot easier for you. You can minimize your risk with just a little forethought.

Can you travel with weed in the car?

Crossing a border, whether from a cannabis legal state to illegal state, or even from a cannabis legal state to another legal one, falls under federal jurisdiction. That means any time you take cannabis from one state into another one, you are technically breaking the law. While decriminalization is also sweeping the land, you still can get up to a $250,000 fine and up to five years in prison if you are caught traveling with cannabis. In all honesty though, those laws were really created to stop trafficking and are aimed at those transporting large amounts. The odds of you getting raided for the quarter-ounce you packed for a road trip are pretty slim. But there is never any downside in being cautious. So if driving with weed, just remember:

  • Don’t smoke in the car. This not only goes for the driver but for all passengers as well. We get the temptation — but just say no…for now. Especially when travelling through states where it is illegal. The particularly tough states can still stop and search you for something as silly as smelling cannabis when you drive by, so don’t give them a reason.
  • Keep it in the trunk. If you do get stopped, this extra step can be the difference between a simple possession charge and a DUI. It’s easy to argue that you weren’t smoking while driving if you couldn’t even reach it — so keep your stash in the trunk, be cool if you get pulled over and know your rights and check out the Pot Brothers at Law’s advice.
  • Limit your stash. For the most part, they want to nail the drug traffickers and not the little guy. If you’re carrying pounds of pot, that’s going to require a lot of explaining to the authorities even if you’re in a state where weed is legal. If you’re carrying a bunch, suddenly possession can become distribution, and community service can turn to actual jail time. Best to keep it under an ounce max. A quarter in your weed travel case will probably do you just fine — especially if you are traveling to or through other legal jurisdictions.

On a Plane

While you might wonder: can you travel with weed on a plane or is that too big a risk? Funny enough, the measures you can face from driving with weed are actually greater than those from flying with weed. While it is possible that some pot-hating highway patrolmen are focusing on your out-of-state license plate, the TSA doesn’t focus on cannabis. For real, they’ve even said as much. TSA officers are not cops, they are more like security officers. So while some may claim that flying from one legal state to another is technically illegal, apparently no one really cares. Don’t flaunt it, obviously. But even if you do get caught, chances are TSA will call the local police and you’ll have some ‘splaining to do. LAX doesn’t care. NY doesn’t care. And Chicago even has “amnesty boxes.” But again — be smart, as nothing is 100% risk free. So keep in mind the best way to travel with weed on a plane is to:

  • Keep it in your carry-on. You might think it better to put your weed travel case into your checked bag and then not think about it again until landing, but checked luggage actually has a higher risk of being randomly searched. While it may create anxiety to have your weed in your carry-on, at least if you are selected to be searched you can be present and aware. 
  • Divide your stash. In addition to having more than one place to keep it in your carry-on, you may also carry on more than one bag — like your purse, a tote, a laptop case, a bag with snacks. It’s a smart idea to keep your green in more than one spot. If your bag gets searched and they do confiscate, you will have backup. And no need to overthink it — just mix your bud in with other items. If you’ve got some joints, mix them in with a pack of smokes. While a discreet stash box in your purse is great, you can also take an opaque Tylenol bottle and add some bud in and then cover it with a cotton ball. Just remember in total to never go over an ounce, as that increases the risk of being flagged for more serious trafficking offenses if they do indeed find it all.
  • Follow all TSA guidelines. While TSA really doesn’t care about you trying to sneak by a few grams of flower, that task becomes exponentially more difficult if your get flagged for another violation. Stick to flower and skip the oils, tinctures and topicals, as TSA is very strict with the transporting of liquids. Even better to bring vape cartridges or edibles, as they can often resemble pens. As long as edibles do not have a strong aroma, they can easily be passed off as an airport snack. Make sure your carry-on is well organized. Remove your laptop or iPad. Don’t carry any liquids more than three ounces. These types will minimize the risk of your bag being opened or searched, and you avoid drawing any extra and unneeded attention.
  • Be extra careful if you’re going international. Traveling outside of the United States is a whole different ballgame. Just ask Brittney Griner. You should definitely consider skipping the flower and maybe doing edibles or cartridges IF you choose to risk it at all. Be very aware of all restrictions and whether or not cannabis is legal or illegal in the country you’re visiting. If possible, it might just be better to not travel with it and look to purchase when you arrive.

Bottom line: the best way to travel with weed is in a way that draws the least amount of attention. If you don’t want to be without your stash, transport it in a way where no one sees or smells it. CVaults have long been known to be the absolute best way to store and cure weed. They truly are the world’s smartest humidity-controlled cannabis storage containers, no thinking required!

But now with the new CVault “twist”, you get the same high-quality construction and FreshStor innovation in new 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz sizing, making them perfect for travel. These 304-grade stainless steel containers are pretty, clean and discreet, and the 3-nub closures and reliable seal help conceal the smell. Not to mention the built-in Boveda packet holder maintains perfect humidity and to keep your buds unbelievably fresh. So what is the best weed travel tip? Never leave home without your CVault.

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