CVault: A Great Airtight Stash Container

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Have you ever had issues with your weed gaining or losing moisture? Maybe you haven’t been using a good stash container. Weed, as an organic matter, is perishable. Its quality can also be affected by its environment. Heat, air, and light can cause molecular changes in the weed, straining its chemical makeup. When this happens, its potency is reduced. That’s why it’s important to use a container like CVault, which is a great airtight stash container, that you can rely on to keep your weed in good quality.

Why Weed Should be Stored Properly

When air gets to cannabis, then your weed will be exposed to oxidizing agents. These will cause the THC to synthesize, turning into CBN. What this means is that the weed loses its psychoactive effects. So, when you leave your weed exposed, then over time, it will have less and less THC. The quality goes bad and you won’t be able to enjoy its effects and benefits to the full.

In storing cannabis, consider the possibility of it being exposed to air or heat. It’s important that you have an airtight stash container so that you’ll be able to have cannabis that has retained much of its potency even if it has been stored for a long time. Airtight weed containers are simply the best way to stash your bud.

Problems with Incorrect Cannabis Storage

The best way to store weed is by using an airtight stash container. When the weed has been placed in the container and you’re ready to store it, find a place that is cool and dark. The relative humidity level of the room should be around 55% to 62%. It is not recommended to freeze cannabis. Doing so will cause the cannabinoid-laden trichomes to be brittle and then break off.


Another thing to remember is to avoid storing weed in tin cans or sandwich bags. When you put cannabis in sandwich bags, static is created which affects the trichomes. And as for tin cans, these containers expose the cannabis to air even if you think you’ve sealed it as tightly as you can. While degradation is something that will eventually happen to the weed, you can slow the process down if you have the right container for your cannabis.


If the weed has not been stored correctly, then it is at risk of developing mold. When this happens, the buds will be negatively affected. If you still use weed that has developed mold, it may also affect your health in a bad way. So, do check your cannabis for any sign of mold. If it already has them, refrain from using cannabis in any way as it is not good for you.

Drying Out

Organic matter such as mold and mildew will thrive if the temperature of the environment is somewhere about 77 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When storing your cannabis, make sure that you keep them in a place that is dark and cool. If the place for storing cannabis is too hot, then the terpenes and cannabinoids will be dried out. Remember, these oils took a long time to develop. Once it’s been dried out, then you’ll be experiencing some harsh smoke, and you wouldn’t like that.

How to Store Cannabis Properly with CVault

The first thing you should do when storing cannabis is to separate what you’ll be using on a daily basis to that which will be stored for a longer period. For both groups, however, it is vital that you prevent light and air from getting to the buds.

But you should remember that it would benefit your stash if you open the container occasionally so that fresh air can be introduced. With a controlled amount of light and oxygen, the terpene and cannabinoid profiles, as well as the potency of your cannabis, can be maintained.

Organizing Different Strains

In storing cannabis properly, the best option would be to get a CVault airtight stash container. As a matter of fact, get several containers so that you can store various strains in their own separate jars. You’ll be happy to see them all organized. Also, by keeping the different strains separate, each one’s uniqueness of flavor can be maintained.

Keeping Cannabis Away from Smoking Tools

Another reminder to keep in mind when storing weed is to make sure that they are far from grinders and pipes and other tools you use for smoking. When resin and ash from your burnt weed reach your stash, the scent will linger and this will cause your stash to stink. This will certainly take much of the pleasure of smoking your cannabis.

How to Store Weed While Traveling

A great airtight stash container is the CVault. You can use it at home or when you are traveling. It is a storage container that is sure to be of high quality. It can block the odors of the weed while keeping them well-stored. When you’ll be traveling to areas with abundant sunlight, then the CVault airtight stash container can keep the UV rays away from your cannabis. CVault containers can control the temperature of your cannabis and keeps them away from the UV rays that can damage the quality of your stash.

Tips to Remember in Storing Cannabis

When keeping your stash, make sure that it is away from direct sunlight. It should be in a dry place with low temperature. Don’t forget to use CVault airtight stash container when organizing different strains so that each of their flavors can be maintained. Occasionally open the container so that fresh air can come in.

Never put cannabis in your freezer. But if you want to produce kief, then you may do so if you want. But remember that when the temperature drops below freezing, the trichomes of your cannabis will become brittle and then they will break off easily. Don’t store your weed in ordinary containers or plastic bags. Invest in a good airtight container like CVault. Also, don’t keep your weed near appliances or electronics that tend to emit heat.

CVault: A Great Airtight Stash Container

For many of us, cannabis does not come cheap. That’s why it is important that you know how to store them well so that you won’t accidentally waste them. Follow the tips we’ve provided here on how you can store your cannabis properly so that you’ll be sure that you’ll have the best quality even if they’ve been stored for some time. Don’t forget to use CVault airtight stash containers in organizing various strains and keeping them separate from each other. They will not only look good, but they will also give you a good time every time.