The Value of CVault: Preventing Moisture, Weight Loss, and More!

prevent cannabis weight loss | stainless steel humidity controlled storage container

Improperly stored cannabis loses weight, taste, and potency, which is detrimental to clients and purveyors. When it comes to battling moisture balance, mass, and other issues, the facts around and value of superior storage are imperative. It is important for all who relate to cannabis to know roughly 16% of THC is lost after one year of storage, 26% THC lost after two years, 34% THC after three years, and 41% THC after four years. These numbers go higher with poor storage choices. So, how should you prevent cannabis weight loss and added moisture?

Loss of Moisture and Cannabis Weight Loss

Loss of moisture and, therefore weight, is an issue for all. Too much coolness (i.e. storage in a refrigerator and freezer) is problematic as this leads to cannabis which is dried out and has lost its trichomes, the minuscule, crystalline hairs which produce cannabinoids and terpenes. Not only does dry cannabis taste/smoke harshly and burn faster than normal, but it also renders incorrect all previous lab testing due to chemical changes, potentially resulting in very different effects than were intended at purchase. Plastic bags and containers are flawed as plastic holds static which can affect potency by disrupting trichomes. Tins, although popular, do not have a vacuum seal and let in too much oxygen; over time, unregulated oxygen converts THC into cannabinol, which is a lesser-known cannabinoid considered to be highly sedative and only mildly psychoactive, if at all. Ultimately, dried out product means less consumer bang for a buck and reduced weight/profit for purveyors. Poor storage solutions equal lost value for everyone.

Mold and Cannabis

Mold is another concern of stored cannabis. It is, at best, difficult to detect; only very close inspection will sometimes reveal white spots. A study by the University of California, Davis researchers found bacteria and mold on 20 cannabis samples purchased from dispensaries and growers in Northern California. Using cannabis with mold on it can lead to nausea and vomiting; people with weakened immune systems are further at risk, as inhaling smoke or vapors from cannabis having bacteria or fungi could cause serious illness or even death. Cannabis is best when maintained at a relative humidity between 54% and 63%; a very small range for average storage containers to meet and keep. Controlled humidity leads to maintained cannabis flower color, consistency, taste, and scent. Additionally, direct sun can cause product break down (some consider light to be the single greatest factor in the cannabis degradation), and even a small amount of too much heat can retain moisture, leading to mold.

Cannabis Safety

It is also essential to consider storage options in connection to children and pets as THC is potentially toxic for both groups. Additional tips for cannabis storing include: never close to electronics or appliances due to residual heat, not in tobacco humidors as possible oil transfers can change affect cannabis, and separate from grinders, pipes, etc. because lingering ash and resin cannabis can disturb freshness. In consideration of cannabis perishables and edibles infused with oil, keep refrigerated and do not stow for extended periods of time. Although tinctures and other concentrates are less susceptible to mold and mildew contaminants, proper storage with controlled air and humidity is highly recommended.

Prevent Cannabis Weight Loss

There are a lot of rules for optimizing the storage of cannabis products. Searching for and testing containers is time consuming and expensive. Skip the process and go directly to the best: CVaults. Made of stainless steel, these containers are dishwasher safe and stackable, all while maintaining optimal freshness and controlling odor. CVaults also have a close relationship with Boveda to precisely control the container to a particular range of relative humidity. Discover what experts in the industry already know: the true value of CVaults.

Personal CVaults® are designed to store longer, revive cannabis, plus augment taste and smoothness. A true value of CVaults is its ability to revitalize dried out product, with an air-tight seal which leaks no moisture or smell, three locks and a metal body make this affordable storage option the best. For purveyors, Cultivator CVaults® work to save money through sustainability and consistency. Growers have a superior option as well: EVault™ is the perfect medical-grade 316 stainless steel packaging for pharmaceutical and chemical plant and extract storage of liquids and fine powders. Acquire CVaults from designer FreshStor to properly protect invested cannabis, flower buds, spices, and more, as well as EVaults to store and preserve plant extract storage. Combat THC loss, mold, dryness, and taste degradation with the best from FreshStor.

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