Give the Gift of a Weed Bouquet

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Roses are red, violets are blue, if someone you know loves cannabis, have we got a gift idea for you! Flowers are beautiful and a traditionally lovely thing to present to a friend or loved one on their birthday, anniversary, as a thank you or even as a way of saying sorry. But when the person you are gifting is a cannabis fan, you can elevate the experience by delighting the recipient with a weed bouquet.

A Weed What?

What is a weed bouquet? Exactly what it sounds like — it’s a floral arrangement that features the inclusion of cannabis. It is a bouquet that can be made from all of your favorite non-THC-containing blooms such as roses or lilies or daisies, any flower really, and then accented with stems of cannabis or hemp.

While no one can accurately pinpoint the first individual to think up such an ingenious idea as a weed flower bouquet, they seemed to become quite popular, at least within the confines of social media, around Valentine’s Day 2017. That was when Lowell Herb Company, a company that garnered national media attention for creating a $55 “weed flower crown” that became the must-have accessory at the Coachella music festival, decided to do a limited run of 500 bouquets for delivery that included 28 grams of on-the-stem organically fertilized marijuana interspersed with wildflowers and eucalyptus. At $400 each, these weed bouquets were such a hit that Lowell Herb decided to add them to their year-round menu. These of course were only available locally within Los Angeles, but as imitation is the most sincere form of flattery (or maybe it was just coincidence), soon after weed bouquets started popping up all over.

While it appears that Lowell Herb has put their time and attention into remaining the #1 pre-roll brand in all of California and taken the weed bouquets off of their current menu, a quick Google search of “weed bouquet suppliers near me” will more than likely bring up a plethora of choices — assuming that marijuana is legal where you live. 

How About a Blunt Bouquet?

With legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana sweeping the country, cannabis is becoming less and less frowned upon and more and more mainstream. In addition to weed flower bouquets, the good ol’ ganja is finding its way into wedding culture through boutonnieres, corsages and table arrangements. It has become so popular in fact that interested parties can attend any one of a number of Cannabis Wedding Expos.

If you’re looking for a bouquet that can be enjoyed immediately and without requiring accessories, ditch the bud bouquet format and instead partake in a blunt bouquet or stoner joint bouquet. A few years ago for his birthday, those who knew Snoop Dogg and the best way to his heart gifted the infamous D-O double G with a stoner joint bouquet of 48 individual pre-rolls in celebration of his upcoming 48th year on the planet. Now that’s some inspiration for your own blunt bouquet goals.

Gimme, gimme.

So now that the idea of a bouquet you can smoke is all you can think about, whether you want one just for yourself or as the best gift you’ve ever given, you’re probably wondering where you can get one. Well, that depends. As marijuana is not legal everywhere, weed bouquets are not something you can just order online and have shipped to a recipient wherever they may be. Laws are laws.

If it really is just the thought that counts, and getting high is not the end goal, you can get some absolutely gorgeous arrangements containing aesthetically pleasing fresh cannabis flower and dried smokable cannabis hemp buds from Lovepot who makes unique arrangements and bouquets featuring smokable CBD — without THC — which makes it totally legal. Or you could even get something of the artificial variety (i.e. plastic) off of Etsy.

But if the mere thought of a blunt bouquet that doesn’t provide a buzz feels like the floral equivalent of non-alcoholic beer and it has to be the real deal or nothing, then you’ll have to do some research as to what’s available in your area. California has multiple options such as CannaQuet in Los Angeles, Flowers On Flowers in San Diego and Bitchin’ Bouquets in Big Bear. Maine has Bud Bouquets and Colorado has been embracing the pot bouquet trend since 2015. If you can’t find a place near you, or you happen to be the crafty type, you can always DIY a bouquet of nugs with a little time and ingenuity.

Love your buds.

Whichever way you go — a lovely weed and wildflower bouquet or a ridiculous stoner joint bouquet — unless you consume the entirety of the arrangement in one sitting, you’re going to need reliable flower buds storage. And pro tip: when it comes to storing cannabis in the finest way possible, nothing even comes close to a CVault.

The CVault from FreshStor guarantees freshness and flavor by creating a controlled environment that protects whatever store inside from all the potentially harmful elements like air, light, heat and moisture. It is the perfect “no thinking required” flower buds storage system that is pretty to look at and lasts for years and years. And whether you pair it with a fantastic weed bouquet, some fun smoking accessories, or gift the CVault on its own, you are sure to make any recipient smile.

So celebrate whatever happy occasion may come your way, give a little thanks, show the special people in your life that you care — with a bouquet that looks good, smells good and smokes good. And then protect those beautiful buds with the only flower buds storage you can trust, the CVault.