Elevate your smoke sesh with these 7 accessories

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Wondering how to store a joint, pre-rolls, doobies, spliffs? Joints became more popular the last couple years because they’re convenient, portable, affordable, personal, easy to use and ready at a moment’s notice, whether you roll them yourself or prefer to buy pre rolls. We’ve collected some joint pro tips and seven fun accessories to elevate your smoke sesh.

It all starts with how you store cannabis

Light and excess moisture are bad for cannabis. The CVault “twist” is a stainless steel container with a twist lid designed to keep the light out and the right amount of humidity in with the help of Boveda packs. The CVault “twist” comes in two sizes for on-the-go use. CVault also offers larger sizes for personal and cultivator use, including home grow kits for the cannabis enthusiast.

A joint storage case that carries your lighter too

We’ve all been there, ready to spark a joint, and we can’t find the lighter. The Clinger is a multi-purpose take on how to store a joint. The pre roll joint holder case is smell proof, crushproof, portable and has a clip to attach your lighter. It fits one king size and comes in five different colors. It’s a simple design and a practical addition to your collection.

Add some style with a handmade joint storage case

Carry your joints in style with this pre roll joint case. The handmade wooden case is available in four different sizes that also carry your lighter. Elevate your smoke sesh by using a more eco-friendly pre roll joint case. Store them in this wooden box built with magnets to keep your lighter and joints in one place.

Add some color to your sesh

If you like to roll your own, spice up your joint storage case with these pre-roll cones. They come in a variety of colors and designs so you can enjoy your smoke sesh in luxury. The paper is ultra thin and slow burning. Natural coloring is made from edible, tasteless hempseed and soy oils with natural pigments. Which design is your favorite?

Up your smoke sesh with this roller from Mike Tyson

Rolling a joint is an art form. Some of us need help to roll the perfect joint. This neat cone roller device comes with easy-to-read directions to achieve the perfect roll every time.

Portable smell proof joint storage case

Do we need to say more? This joint storage case from Luxe Holding was designed for the traveler in mind. Smell-proof and indestructible CNC aluminum that fits discreetly in any pocket, bag or purse, it comes in packs of 2 or 3 in a wide range of colors. Keep your joint fresh and ready.

Pro tip: The art of how to light a pre rolled joint

It’s not like smoking cigarettes. How to light a pre rolled joint is easy, but some first-timers overthink it. While holding a joint, light the twisted tip (if there is one) and let it act like a wick. I like to blow off excess paper ash and then light again to create a full even cherry.

Once there is an even cherry, take short slow puffs, not inhaling. Let the joint get going, then take a nice slow drag. Don’t forget to ash it gently. Speaking of ashtrays, it’s time to upgrade — get one with a lid.

Ceramic ashtray that doubles as home decor 

This ashtray can be used inside or outside. Small, easy to clean, sturdy and traps some smoke and odor when the lid is used. It even has an anti-skid bottom to keep it in place. This cute ashtray is great for anyone looking for discretion, fits any budget, comes in various colors and is a great gift for the stoner in your stylish life.

Vaporization technology, among other consumption methods, has become more popular, but we think joints and pre-rolls are here to stay. Smoking cannabis pre-rolls or in a bong or pipe remain an ongoing tradition with the modern-day cannabis consumer.

No matter how you consume cannabis, FreshStor has a storage container for you. Keep your cannabis fresher longer with the CVault.