How to Store Weed Properly: FreshStor’s Best Containers for Weed

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If you’ve ever left your stash in the wrong place for too long, you know how quickly flower can react to environmental factors like heat, light and humidity. Plastic baggies are definitely not the best containers for weed for longer than absolutely necessary. Even the glass jars can be problematic. Most of the ways weed is packaged are more about marketing and/or cost-savings than proper quality storage. If you want to stock up on flower you love, learn how to store weed properly with humidity control to protect your investment from drying out or losing potency.

If no one’s ever taught you how to store weed properly, the gist is that you want to reduce the flower’s exposure to air, light and moisture. Exposing flower or extracts to these environmental elements will ruin them. Air will dry out and decrease the potency of weed. Moisture, even the humidity in the air, can cause mold to grow on weed. Even light can lower the potency of the terpenes and THC in your flower and extracts. As with any organic material, you need to keep it in a cool, dry place. But with weed, you also want a container that is as durable and reliable as possible.

So how do you manage all of these factors? It’s easier than you think with the best containers for weed with humidity control. Professionals in the cannabis business have long known about the amazing storage solutions available from FreshStor. CVaults are considered the ONLY flower storage product to use by many leading growers and dispensaries. If you want the same quality storage as the big guys, try out the popular FreshStor products. Here are the top six FreshStor products for proper cannabis extract and flower storage:

  1. FreshStor personal CVaults are the world’s smartest storage containers. Stainless steel construction protects weed from environmental factors like heat and light. CVaults seal super tightly, so no more spills and no more smell. Every FreshStor CVault comes with a Boveda humidity control pack to keep that particular-sized stash as fresh as possible. Just replace the pack as recommended for the size of CVault and amount of flower. The CVault line ranges from the seven-gram xsmall “twist” to the two-ounce large CVault and are geared toward individuals.
  2. The CVault “twist” is available in two sizes: xsmall for 7 grams or less, and small for 14 grams. The “twist” uses our new three-nub closure system to ensure a tight seal. They are discreet and perfect for on-the-go use and for people who like to keep a few different strains on hand.
  3. Cultivator CVaults are built from the same 304-food grade stainless steel as all personal CVaults, but they are built for larger amounts. If you’re a small-scale grower looking to expand your cultivation process, these larger-sized CVaults are a great investment and pay for themselves multimes times over. Cultivator CVaults are the best containers for weed if you need to store anywhere from a quarter-pound to two pounds of weed safely. 
  4. The Home Grow Kits include all the sizes a home-grower needs to get started. FreshStor develops products for cultivators who care about quality by offering affordable flower storage and curing kits at a lower price than buying them individually. These kits also come with Boveda packs, including a few bonus packs for buying in bulk.
  5. The EVault provides the same level of protection for plant extracts that the CVault provides for flower. FreshStor recently upgraded the EVault based on customer feedback. The newest line of EVaults are built with a thicker stainless steel that makes them highly resistant to corrosion. They are nestable for easier stacking and storage and cheaper shipping, and they are seamless inside so that none of your valuable extracts get lost in tiny crevices. EVaults are available in 3-liter, 7-liter and 21-liter sizes.
  6. Combo Packs are available for both the personal and cultivator CVault lines if you want to protect more than one strain of weed or extract or if you’re running a larger operation. The Combo Packs have grown very popular with companies that create edibles and other products using a variety of strains and extracts. A collection of FreshStor CVaults and EVaults is a safe and sanitary way to keep several different ingredients organized and fresh.

Whether you are a personal user ready to test drive your first single personal CVault “twist” or a cultivator investing in the Home Grow Combo Kit, you cannot go wrong with the ultimate storage solutions by FreshStor. No longer will you wonder how to store weed properly. You might even teach your friends! CVaults and EVaults are built to last, and your collection can grow with you. If you appreciate fresh and potent flower or extracts, keep them at peak quality with FreshStor storage containers.

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