Meet Pigeons420: the Guy Revolutionizing Cannabis Education & Cultivating Unity

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, passionate individuals play a crucial role in educating and empowering others. One influencer making waves in the cannabis community is Pigeons420, a Canadian vlogger who has carved out a niche in the world of cultivation and gardening.

Through his unwavering dedication to educating, challenging stigmas and promoting awareness of cannabis lifestyles, Pigeons420 has emerged as a highly regarded authority among growers and enthusiasts alike. His mission to enlighten and dispel misconceptions has solidified his position as a trusted and reliable source in the cannabis community.

Who is Pigeons420?

Pigeons420 is a father, husband, volunteer, gamer and cannabis lifestyle enthusiast. Beginning his online journey in 2014 as a blogger, Pigeons420 quickly recognized a gap in the market after visiting YouTube and realizing there were very few high-quality cannabis videos.

Banking on the need for more comprehensive cannabis content on YouTube, Pigeons420 made the transition to the video-sharing platform in 2017 and never looked back. His vlogs began as faceless videos, but in 2020, Pigeons420 made the decision to fully introduce himself to the world and embrace his position in the cannabis community.

Focusing primarily on cultivation, Pigeon420’s schtick lies in providing detailed insights, reviewing popular products and guiding viewers through the process of growing cannabis. He is also passionate about normalizing cannabis use and showing the world that there are fathers, business owners and overall good people who use the medicine.

Aside from a dedication to educating people about cannabis, he also shows the world his personal passions, such as music and gaming. Pigeons420 goes live on TwitchTV often to hang out with his followers while blazing and playing games together.

Who Benefits from Pigeons420 Content?

Pigens420’s content caters to a wide audience within the cannabis community. Novice growers seeking guidance and experienced cultivators looking for expert tips both benefit from his comprehensive approach. By highlighting common mistakes and sharing his own experiences, Pigeons420 equips his viewers with the knowledge they need to cultivate high-quality cannabis successfully.

Additionally, he strives to break the stigma surrounding cannabis by educating people about the benefits of cannabis and demonstrating that individuals from all walks of life embrace responsible cannabis use.

In a YouTube video he uploaded in 2020, Pigeons420 stated, “I believe there’s more to the lifestyle of cannabis than tokin’ and growin’. There’s livin’, there’s lovin’, there’s laughin’ — and I wanna showcase that. That you can use this medication and not be a stoner or a pothead.”

Where Can I Find Pigeons420 Content?

Like a true carrier Pigeon, Pigeons420 delivers high-quality cannabis messages throughout the interwebs. His online presence is vibrant, engaging and can be found in several places:

  • Pigeons420 Youtube: Pigeons has a dedicated YouTube Channel boasting more than 100k subscribers and millions of views. Here, viewers can find a variety of informative videos covering various aspects of cannabis cultivation, product reviews, helpful tips and cannabis lifestyle vlogs.
  • Pigens420 Twitch TV: Pigeons420’s Twitch TV channel, with 11.2K subscribers, offers live streams and interactive sessions for viewers interested in real-time discussions about cannabis, gardening and gaming.
  • Pigeons420 Instagram: Those who prefer the more traditional social media apps can follow the Pigeons420’s Instagram page to view his photos and reels.
  • Pigeons420 Patreon: If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a place where creators can build a community and strengthen their relationships with their fans and followers. Pigeons420’s Patreon offers three unique sign-up tiers, with the lowest being only $2.00 monthly. Joining Pigeons420’s Patreon gets you access to Discord’s Purple Velvet Room (Weekly Garden Tours), early access to new content and more.
  • Pigeons420 Discord: Pigeons420’s Discord Channel is arguably the best spot to go for vetted industry advice. Some of the popular sub-channels include pigeons-garden-tours, garden-problems and plant-questions. Pigeons420’s discord channel is far more than an informational hub; it’s a passionate community. Members often share photos of their music interests, pets and DIY creations in respective channels, which creates a sense of community among the Pigeon Coop.
  • Pigeons420 Twitter: Like the other listed apps, Pigeons420 is very active on Twitter. Followers can expect to find lifestyle updates, questions for the community, retweets of other growers in the community and more.

Empowering Growers, Bridging Gaps and Inspiring Change

Over the last decade, Pigeons420 has made significant contributions to the online cannabis community. Through his educational videos, product reviews and personal experiences, Pigeons420 has become a go-to resource for both novice and experienced growers.

His dedication to spreading awareness and his mission to support the cannabis lifestyle make him invaluable in the cannabis industry. If you haven’t joined the Pigeon Coop already, it’s not too late.

You can easily keep track of all of Pigeons420’s content releases by heading to his official website and subscribing to join the Flock.

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