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In a time when marijuana legalization is sweeping the country, not just medically but recreationally as well, it’s no surprise that there has been an uptick in interest in growing one’s own plants. Whether for personal usage or for horticulture as a business, more and more people are seeking information about growing cannabis. And for information about growing cannabis from seed to harvest that’s both entertaining and educational, there is no one better than Home Grow TV.

Who is Home Grow TV?

The idea for Home Grow TV first sprouted in the mind of Dakota McLearn when he, a medical marijuana patient for pretty much as long as there has been such a thing, realized that home growing was a way to have a constant supply of better cannabis than he could get at a dispensary.

More than a decade ago, an LED was something only pictured on the pages of High Times magazine and a “tent grow” actually entailed the DIY construction of your own tent, which was then typically placed in an entire spare room, basement or a closet. And while the flavors that emerged from that first grow in Dakota’s basement grow were superior to anything he had ever purchased, his small-scale cultivation days were numbered as his lifepath then led him toward an illustrious career as a filmmaker, leaving him no time to further explore his green thumb.

Dakota soon began traveling the world extensively, living and working in multiple countries and countless cities. This allowed him to explore his interest in cannabis by experiencing things like:

  • Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam
  • 420s in Vancouver
  • Marches in Columbia
  • Dispensary hopping in Las Vegas

And yet, even with all that exploration, he found nothing that could compare with the tasty flower that had come out of his early tent grow. Yes, he experienced some amazing products along his journey, but he knew that without a doubt, nothing compares to your own homegrown buds.

A Match Made in Heaven

After years of globetrotting and an interesting series of events that can only be labeled as “destiny,” Dakota reconnected with his old buddy Quinten, aka Mr.Q. For the eight years Dakota had been traveling, Mr.Q had continued his in-depth study of how to grow the absolute finest in craft cannabis at home.

Mr.Q began schooling Dakota in all the new growing gear and how much easier the whole process had gotten, sparking Dakota to do his own research. Within 24 hours, Dakota had purchased an entire setup online and the seeds to do another home grow, this time in Columbia where it was then legal to grow up to 20 plants. Combining his passion for growing with his skill as a filmmaker alongside his grow-bro Mr.Q, who was set up in Canada, Dakota decided to document their journey. His goal was to include everything they did, every step of the way: their successes, their failures and grow tutorials as well as reviews of all the new tech being released. And thus, in April 2020, the Home Grow TV Youtube channel was born.

Abundance and Growth

Just as their plants began to grow, so did the interest in their channel.

Growing cannabis is an exciting hobby. Watching your plants change day by day, finding your favorite strains, curating your own delicious recipe of flavors and of course, smoking your own homegrown, is captivating. And people wanted to know more…enough that Home Grow TV released almost 90 different videos and amassed more than 51,000 subscribers.

Home Grow TV created not one, but two different Instagram pages filled with catalog-quality photos and info. Dakota and Mr. Q also run a Home Grow TV Discord.

The Home Grow TV mission of passionately sharing their knowledge and teaching the world how to cultivate the finest cannabis from the comfort of their own homes is alive and well — and thriving. Home Grow TV seeks to provide value and awareness to the home grow industry, to represent today’s home growers and to hold themselves to the highest standard of production quality and entertainment. From seed to harvest, Home Grow TV is the world’s “highest” quality grow show. And FreshStor is here for it.

Keep your Cannabis Fresh from Seed to Harvest

As creators of the innovative CVault and EVault, FreshStor applauds Home Grow TV for their entrepreneurial spirit and their contribution to the cannabis industry. With Home Grow TV helping canna-aficionados to cultivate the absolutely best bud around and FreshStor providing the ultimate “no thinking required” storage solution to ensure long-lasting flavor and freshness, the two are a perfect pair. We look forward to a bright and enduring future together, side by side.

Photo credit: HomeGrowTV on Instagram

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