Grow your own cannabis “From Seed to Stoned”

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From Seed To Stoned isn’t just a mellifluous title — it is the brainchild of a genius named Jacob who, just a few years ago, decided to attempt his very first grow and thought it might be cool to document it all on video as it went down. This dude started his YouTube channel back in 2017 on a whim, not knowing that growing and cultivating cannabis would become a driving passion and that his lot in life would soon become educating and entertaining millions of like-minded people from all over the world. But that’s exactly what happened.

Humble Beginnings

It all started with a simple From Seed to Stoned YouTube channel. Jacob had a plan to set up a closet grow tent and document his first attempt at growing autoflowers. The plan was to create content with the entire process, from the act of germinating the seeds to getting stoned on his own homegrown cannabis. He was more than happy to share all the information he spent so much time and energy acquiring, including each piece of equipment he used and how he added nutrients and managed pest control.

There was just one thing: While his heart was in the right place, he wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. He wondered, would it all just end up being a video diary that only he cared about? Little did Jacob know that not even six years later, he would have amassed more than 630,000 subscribers.

Becoming The Master

Turns out, people were indeed interested. And as viewers started to watch, the word of mouth began to spread. People liked that Jacob wasn’t some slick performer but rather, a real relatable person who was happy to share all of his tips and tricks. Nothing even came close to the From Seed To Stoned curing process and the results it would yield. As Jacob became more experienced, his content evolved. He posted videos ranging from cultivation to harvesting tutorials to equipment reviews to a tour of the most massive grow op ever seen.

Soon Jacob was publishing details on how to make potent medical grade cannabutter and cannabis-infused MCT oil from home, adding live streams with live Q&As, having From Seed to Stoned gear giveaways and hosting grow-off competitions. The From Seed To Stoned channel started appearing on a number of “Best Of” lists, and both novices and experts alike appreciated his high-value content. With 92 videos totalling more than 42 million times, thousands of likes and a multitude of comments, there’s no doubt that people are interested in what Jacob has to say.

Expanding His Reach

While the From Seed To Stoned video channel was gaining popularity, in 2018, Jacob decided to add another branch to his social media by starting a From Seed To Stoned Instagram page. There Jacob not only further documented his From Seed To Stoned curing and cultivating processes through still photos, but also posted up-close images memorializing the fruits of his labor. And these weren’t just any photos — you could easily call Jacob’s photos real art. Beautifully lit and perfectly composed, the viewer gets a real feel for every strain he has produced as he highlights their glorious rainbow array of colors and showcases their magnificent trichomes.

Battling “The Man”

While more and more folks around the world were turning to Jacob for advice and inspiration and crediting him for their success, not everyone was pleased with his efforts. While From Seed To Stoned was never about getting famous or making money, but instead about helping others and spreading knowledge, there’s no denying that Jacob was riled at YouTube for making it so hard for cannabis creators to monetize their content and repeatedly removing his videos after they were flagged for selling illegal substances (which was completely untrue, as he does not sell anything). He also faced Instagram deleting his pages more than once. But Jacob refused to let all the haters and negativity bog him down and, just like his plants, From Seed To Stoned continued to grow.

Jacob began receiving support from fans who could become patrons and receive exclusive content with memberships ranging from as little as $5 a month. He also moved most of his focus onto a much more cannabis-friendly platform by putting From Seed To Stoned on Discord, where he has been building one of the largest and most active cannabis-based communities in existence. Currently, From Seed to Stoned is nearing their 25,000 member milestone…which is more proof that The Man can’t keep him down.

Future Evolution

With From Seed To Stoned kicking off its seventh season at the start of 2023, Jacob couldn’t be prouder of how far he and his little dream have come. Who would have imagined way back when that he would get to come face to face with one of his idols, Professor Bruce Bugbee, and be able to share that interview with the world — or grow CBD strains for his mom as an alternative to the conventional drugs she was being prescribed?

Season seven features grows that are budget/DIY-oriented, with one using fully organic soil and another using an advanced-level DWC grow tent. Viewers can see for themselves whether the From Seed To Stoned gear makes a noticeable difference in the final cannabis flower produced. And through funds generated through support platforms like Patreon, Jacob can now afford the basic travel expenses needed for more in-person interviews with some of the cannabis industry’s brightest minds, so more of that is on its way. From Seed To Stoned just hosted another community-based grow-off, where each entrant grew the same strain in a 20-week competition with a prize pool of more than $6,500. Jacob hopes to be part of more events like that as well as return to the kitchen to show others how to turn their bud into tasty deliciousness.

From Seed to Stoned Continues to Grow…And We’re Along for the Ride

FreshStor has been a fan of Jacob and From Seed To Stoned for a long time, and not just because he is smart enough to make CVaults part of his mandatory From Seed To Stoned gear set used in every one of his grows. He is a cool dude and we dig him a lot. It is obvious that Jacob and From Seed To Stoned are an important part of both the cannabis industry’s history and its future — and we are excited to be along for the ride.