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CVault is the number one cannabis and hemp drying and storage system, but of course we think that we perfected the ultimate storage solution after all. Our commitment to excellence is something we don’t take lightly, and we appreciate our community for recognizing what sets our smell proof containers apart from the rest. The cannabis community connoisseurs, collectors, growers and purveyors has been extremely supportive and helpful in spreading the word about our company. Here are some CVault reviews from top influencers in the cannabis industry.

CVaults Make Great Gifts

Koala Puffs probably needs no introduction as she has well over 700K followers on just Instagram, famous for her hilarious and fun cannabis-related content. She recently made a video highlighting the various CVaults that are available, from the small personal-sized vaults to the large vaults for serious marijuana lovers (hey, who says they’re not personal-sized too?). She works with a number of our favorite canna-influencers, and in this particular Instagram clip, she’s making a wonderful CVault gift for Hashley’s World! You can also find Koala on her Twitch and even sign up for her high-value curated subscription box that comes straight to your doorstep!

Speaking of Hashley’s World a.k.a @wowashwow on social media, this vibrant influencer loved receiving our CVault hemp storage solutions for her birthday, which didn’t surprise us since our products make excellent gifts!

Random Nug Selection

Weed Wookie knows the best way to cure and store his favorite weed selection. A frequently asked question he receives from his thousands of followers is why he uses our products for cannabis and hemp drying and storage, to which he responds with: “It’s because I get a lot of really good flavors and I love to just mix them together.” By keeping a variety of his cannabis in a CVault, he can easily pick a random nug of his choice whenever he feels like it.

He loves our products so much for his special mix that we decided to send him a selection of our goods! He thanked us with this sweet post: “This was absolutely awesome and it’s really cool to see all of the different sizes the tins come in!”

Forever Fresh Weed

Our long-time customer Master Bong cannot get enough of our products. He said on Facebook, “From the first time I used CVault back in 2013 I knew my weed would be forever fresh as long as I had it in my CVAULT!!! Fast forward to today and I have about 30 CVaults to keep all my flower in!!!” Check out his content on all social media accounts and shop his merch on Etsy!

“Heck yeah… you know you gotta keep that Local Grove nice and fresh with the CVault!” opens @thebestusedturtle420 on Instagram (also known as Airsoftfatty to his near half a million subscribers on YouTube) in his CVault review video. He uses 62% Boveda Packs in his CVault to maintain the nice and moist taste and longevity of his favorite weed. Check out Airsoftfatty’s channel for great reviews, fun humor and earnest content.

Fan-Favorite Smell Proof Container

If you think of OG weed influencers, you’d probably think of Coral Reefer. Her website opens to “I believe in cannabis & you should too” — an ethos we can get behind! She has been kind enough to share her trust in the CVault smell proof container over the years with messages like “CVault makes the best storage options, with pocket size or super large sizes available!”

Couples that smoke together, stay together! We love That High Couple and their love for each other and cannabis. You can follow their aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram, which looks like an incredible Pinterest-worthy mood board. They enjoy growing their weed at home where they use CVault for cannabis and hemp drying and storage. Make sure you check out their YouTube page for how-to’s and reviews, with videos that take you from their first time growing to the harvest as a great way to learn from their work!

Carl Denali has a great Youtube channel that breaks down the latest products in the industry with in-depth reviews. In fact he’s about to drop a CVault review on his channel!

Stay tuned! These are just some of our favorite canna-lovers who have helped us thrive in this ever-evolving industry. For your cannabis curing and storage needs, CVault is the obvious choice backed by users who know. We thank you for being a part of our growing community and always appreciate your feedback. Contact us anytime!

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