FreshStor, Instagram Live and Some Super Cool Peeps

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If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re already aware of the extensive benefits of the CVault and EVault ultimate storage containers. FreshStor has revolutionized the industry with our no-thinking-required food-grade humidity controlled stainless steel storage container. The cure vault not only enhances the taste and improves the smoothness of new cannabis but can even revive old product as well. No one can touch FreshStor — for curing, storing and packaging. #Fact. 

If you didn’t know before… now ya know!

But did you know that FreshStor Senior Account Executives Ryan Parker and Jon Lambert have been on Instagram live interviewing some of the best and the brightest in the cannabis industry? It’s not just fun, it’s educational — ”the more you know” style. And with the current pandemic, you may have extra free time. We’ll break it down and give you some links to our faves so you can enjoy for yourself. (You’re welcome.)

*Note: These Instagram videos are age-restricted. Please make sure you are 21+ and signed into Instagram to view them.

Man oh man, do we love us some Boveda. They’re our brother from another mother. CVaults and Boveda humidity packs go hand-in-hand. We even include one with every CVault purchase for the ultimate experience in container humidity control. In this episode, we talk live with one of the coolest human beings on the planet, Jon, one of our favorite Boveda reps. You’ll get the skinny on The Boveda Challenge, hear about The Grow Off and finally learn the correct pronunciation of “Boveda” — all while getting lost in the beauty of his beard. This one builds your brain, for sure.

In this episode, we smoke up and chat with big smiley himself, Jonathan Hirsh. Not just pretty but one smart dude, he shows off his Temple Ball, teaches about the creation of his outrageous and award-winning “art joints,” talks about the most expensive joint he ever rolled and tells you how you can acquire one of his newly available art joint kits for yourself. Become a master in your own right to awe and impress your friends. There may also be a word or two in there about his thoughts on how the CVault cure vault is the best stainless steel humidity controlled storage container on the market… but no spoilers. You’re just gonna have to watch for yourself.

We dialogue with Kev, one of our buds from our preferred Atlanta smoke shop, Smoke and Toke. Babyface gives us the inside scoop on where to shop for the coolest stuff in the ATL, what it’s like to be currently operating in a non-legal state and the future of cannabis in Georgia. We discuss life post-pandemic, the CBD business, his favorite glass piece and much much more.

We sit-n-toke with “Your Host Who Smokes The Most” Yung Crown and his magnificent man-bun about Marijuana Mondays, Wax Wednesdays, Fan Fridays and the importance of a supportive team when it comes to executing creative ideas. We pick the brain and peek inside the CVault of this Spokane, Washington, resident who is known for his uniqueness in this expansive realm of digital media content creation — and we have a great time doing it. This one goes deep.

We love this one. We TGIF with Marvin Lee, one of the greatest photographers currently out there who is just crushing the macro game. We find out the truth about his repeated Instagram deletion, the process of getting his account reinstated, the most photographic strain he’s ever come across, and the art of seeing and capturing images of foreign objects so extremely up close. Oh, and if you listen hard you can hear the soothing sounds of Talalla Bay in the background. Noice!

If ya like ‘em hairy, this one’s for you. We blaze with our new homie CJ aka Weed Wookie and discuss packing his CVault to the max, mixing his favorite flavors and his top three strains. Then he blows our mind with his unbelievable world-class glass collection. A must see. Does he ever reveal the man behind the mask?! We’ll never tell. You’ll just have to watch and find out.

It’s time well spent with the man, the myth, the legend — the MasterBong. Master of both the bong and the ‘fro, Jacob gives insight into what it’s like to be an experienced party host in this post-pandemic time. He dishes about the craziest contraption he’s ever MacGyvered together to smoke out of, his extensive personal CVault collection and gives his take on what it’s like to be a part of the cannabis educating community. Is there an exclusive heads-up on a soon-to-be released glow-in-the-dark art piece that you’re going to want for your very own? Maybeeeeeeee…

So there ya go, recaps for your viewing pleasure. Still great stuff even if you didn’t catch them live!

BUT – if you follow FreshStor on their Instagram, you get the added benefit of not only seeing it all in real-time, but you have the possibility of being able to personally interact and maybe have some of your questions answered! How dope would that be? You can also win prizes in our giveaways, learn about container humidity control and we can literally all smoke together — even if it’s in a virtual way. Want to join us on an IG Live? Send us a message via Instagram or our contact form!

So follow FreshStor on Instagram. Become friends on Facebook. Rewatch all of these videos and more on our YouTube channel. And if you’re not already a FreshStor storage vault or CVault (cure vault) owner – Dude. DUDE! What are you waiting for?

Check out the website, feel free to contact us with any questions about container humidity control, and become part of the FreshStor cure vault family today. C’mon. You know you want to — all the cool kids are doing it.

Stay safe. Be well. Take care.

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