Cannabis Storage, COVID and FreshStor’s Secret Product?! Importance of Sanitary Procedures in Cannabis 

cannabis and covid | sanitary procedures in cannabis

Cannabis is an industry that was already up against regulatory and legal hurdles in the United States. So it can seem surprising that these businesses are one of a handful of industries not only surviving, but thriving through the storm that is COVID-19.  But sanitary procedures in cannabis may have helped bolster the industry.

Being deemed essential businesses in 29 states including Washington, D.C. has helped a ton! No longer a substance bought from your brother’s friend or through a work connection, cannabis has become quite the commodity during COVID. 

Imagine being quarantined without your precious medicinal or recreational cannabis. For millions of medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers, luckily, they didn’t have to imagine it. 

Dispensaries, manufacturers and delivery services have all seen impressive growth during the pandemic thanks to millions of customers ordering cannabis products during safer at home restrictions. With more Americans buying and consuming regulated cannabis and COVID becoming more widespread, the need for more sanitary procedures in cannabis increased. Many of these new entrepreneurs were up to the challenge.

FreshStor: Helping You Keep Your Cannabis Fresher, Longer

Among companies pivoting standard operating procedures in this still novice industry is FreshStor. FreshStor manufactures products for storing both cannabis flower and extracts and has always stressed the importance of sanitary procedures in cannabis. 

Our popular CVault, manufactured from 304 food-grade stainless steel, has a little-known accessory to assist with your sanitary procedures in cannabis: the custom CVault liner, available for 8L, 21L and 50L containers!

These single-use liners are customized to fit your CVault, can be easily removed and changed, and can provide an added layer of sanitary security against COVID-19 and other viruses. 

Industry-Approved Sanitary Products in Cannabis

“We really enjoy the CVault liners because they are large and keep our product fresh,” said Jared Danzer, president of FreeLeaf, an exciting new line of cannabis products out of California without the smell and taste of “weed.”

Jared isn’t the only one relying on these single-use custom liners for an added layer of protection. Dispensaries in Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan, California and Canada have incorporated the CVault liners. For more information or to purchase a case, please contact the FreshStor team!

Adjusting With The Times

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. In addition to social distancing guidelines, required facial covering and strict hand-washing precautions, this unprecedented public health crisis has pushed some in the regulated market to also adopt new sanitary procedures in cannabis in response. With new states potentially legalizing cannabis and COVID changing the way we think about sanitation, these practices will become the new norm for the industry.

FreshStor raises the bar in customer safety assurance by providing sanitary products in cannabis for business owners and consumers alike. With the CVault and EVault, you can ensure your cannabis stays fresher, longer. 

From cannabis flowers and other herbs, to oils, distillates and even kief, FreshStor storage containers are an excellent choice for people who want to keep air and moisture away from their products. Learn more about how and why our storage and safety solutions will work for you.