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Last month we talked to you about where you can find our products online in the time of COVID-19 in our blog post, “Where to Find FreshStor During Quarantine”. With businesses in the U.S. and around the globe coming up with creative solutions on how they can cater to their customers, we are happy to share physical store locations in North America where you can easily grab CVaults. Whether you are a returning customer (thanks for your loyalty!), or have been eyeing our products from afar and need to get them in person here are some of our vendors across the United States and Canada. In these uncertain times, we urge you to shop local and support small businesses. Here are some ways you can shop with local CVault vendors.

Get Personal:

Looking for a way to keep your cannabis stash fresh? Then, look no further than our personal sized CVaults. CVaults come in many sizes, from personal for your private stash to cultivator for those who are serious about the volume of their product (if you are unsure about what sizes would be optimal for your needs, check out our post Product Focus: Home Grow Kits). The personal sizes start at half ounce for 14 grams to 2 ounce for 56 grams of cannabis.

At The Tumble Weed Cannabis Co., located in historic Stockyards City in Oklahoma City and The Natural Leaf in Colorado Springs you can get personal sized CVaults for your curing and storage needs. 

Shopping Made Easier:

Nothing is better than a container with a treat already inside it. There are fewer joys better than opening your CVaults to find deliciously potent cannabis waiting for consumption!

The Natural Remedy in Canada and our wonderful list of vendors across the States provide this great service, so that you can get started on your curing process even before you consume the product.

On our growing list of stores are Bad Frog Budz in Maine, Resinate across Massachusetts, Nectar House in Poteau, Happy Root 420 and Legal Limit in Oklahoma City, Urban Greenhouse Dispensary and SWC across Arizona (who also have a great blog that gives news on the cannabis market and tips on storage and finding employment).

Not only are they very knowledgeable about high quality marijuana, they all provide pre-packaged CVaults with high quality cannabis already in them.  

Shop High Quality:

There is no shortage of high quality cannabis and CBD products nowadays, but if you want guaranteed freshness, many vendors use CVaults to store their merchandise. The Giving Tree Wellness in Arizona uses our biggest size, the 21 liters for a kilo of product for back of house storage and Evo Cannabis uses the 8 liter CVault, our second biggest size that works perfectly with a pound of product.

Canna Cabinet and KrystaLeaves in Colorado use CVaults for back of house storage, as does Bloom City Club in Michigan and Mari Med in Oklahoma. These local CVault vendors know that they can rely on the quality and durability of our products, that are made from 304 food grade stainless steel with a secure silicone ring, perfect for keeping products fresh longer.

If you are in the area of any of these purveyors, and looking to find more information about CVaults from professionals who use the product, talk to them about how the CVault products have helped them keep their products ready for their clients to consume. Whether it is questions about the benefits of CVaults or Boveda humidity packets, they’ll have your concerns covered (or just shoot us a quick message!). If you are a cannabis business owner yourself who is graduating from the beloved mason jar, we think learning from these dispensaries that use our products can really benefit you.

Even before COVID and these uncertain times, business owners’ main goal was maximizing profits and keeping products fresh. We know that opening and closing mason jars and allowing oxygen in is terrible for your product’s THC levels, causing it to easily become stale. Businesses that use CVaults to cure and store their products can keep their merchandise for longer hence not losing on reviews and reputation and gaining in profits. We recommend buying CVaults and Boveda HumidiPacks in tandem, to maximise on freshness and product keepability.  

Support Local CVault Vendors:

Support local businesses and cannabis dispensary owners in these strange times and beyond to help your community thrive and flourish. FreshStor is excited to be here for you on your cannabis journey, whether your needs are for business or pleasure. 

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  • Marvin c.Reinfeldt jr.

    I live in Eastpointe mich ,just a half mile N.e. Of Detroit mich. I Have my license and 5 big plants. Gloom city club is in mich.

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