The CVault is No Ordinary Stash Container

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How you store your stash is critical to its longevity. If you choose the wrong container for stash storage, you are likely to be disappointed with the results. Consider the following tips for storing flower bud, tobaccos, spices and herbs.

Stop Using Plastic

Let’s start by focusing on the issues that come with using plastic for stash storage. Plastic containers have a static charge and can negatively impact trichomes, which contributes to the authenticity and potency of your flower buds. If you are storing flowers, plastic is not your friend, whether it’s a plastic bag, medicine jar or plastic Tupperware. We highly recommend removing your stash immediately.

If you have to use plastic for short-term storage, consider wrapping your items in parchment paper before adding them to the plastic container. The parchment paper will provide protection between your goods and the plastic.

For other short-term alternatives, consider the following:

Foil for Flower Bud Storage

Most people have foil readily available in their kitchen. When you wrap your stash in foil, you can protect it from air, heat and light. Use this instead of placing it in a plastic bag.

The biggest problem that comes from using foil as storage is that it’s not airtight. When you expose your products to the air, you may decrease their effectiveness. Foil also conducts cold and heat, so avoid using it in extreme temperatures.

While it might be a temporary solution, foil does not and should not serve as a long-term option for storing your stash.

Cigar Humidor for Stash Storage

If you have a cigar humidor around, you may use it temporarily to store your stash. Keep in mind that cigars require 70% humidity to keep their quality. Other products will likely require much lower humidity levels. Also keep in mind that cigars and flower should not be stored together, as that will greatly affect their flavors.


The best types of paper for storing flower buds include:

    • paper towels
    • printer paper
    • clean napkins

Start by softening the paper. Crunch it and fold it until the paper is soft and pliable before using it to wrap your stash. Avoid using paper that includes plastic or any cling wrap materials, as these are just as harmful as plastic bags.

Glass Alternatives

Glass is an increasingly popular choice for everything from natural remedies to food. There is a lower chance of chemicals impacting the goods, and glass doesn’t have any static charge. Depending in the lid and seal, glass containers can be airtight to protect the materials from oxidization. The downside is that glass doesn’t protect from UV lights, which negatively impact the contents.

When it comes to short-term storage, glass is a much better option than plastic. Consider wrapping a glass container in fabric or paper to protect it from UV rays, realizing that it could make the container bulkier and harder to store long-term.

CVault: No Ordinary Stash Storage Container

The best way to store your flower bud, tobaccos, herbs and spices is to use a CVault container. CVault containers are made of food-grade stainless steel, making them a great option for any type of stash. Our CVault storage containers will not affect the taste or the quality of the stored items, and they are airtight and block light for further protection. CVaults not only protect the contents but also extend the shelf life of herbs and flower buds.

Cleaning  CVault containers are so easy! Toss them in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning and to remove any lingering odors.

CVaults are available in a wide range of sizes. Check out our container shop to find just the right size for your stash, from small personal containers to large containers for cultivators, transporters and more.

Stash Storage

Storing your stash does not have to be difficult or costly. Preserve the integrity of your product with a CVault — or an EVault for liquid storage — and saving valuable time and money.

FreshStor containers protect flower, tobacco, spices, oils, liquids and more by eliminating light, air and moisture. Rest easy knowing your stash will last for months without sacrificing quality. Visit our store today to find the right container for your needs.

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