Best Weed Paraphernalia on Amazon

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Love it or hate it, Amazon has proven to be a go-to resource for those who want affordable cannabis paraphernalia delivered right to their doorstep or mailbox. With everything from travel accessories and weed paraphernalia storage options, to grinders, paper and nearly anything else a cannaisseur would need on the fly, the internet’s leading shopping site has you covered. Consumers can simply click a few buttons and have paraphernalia for weed delivered straight to their door, typically within two to three days. Check out some of the best weed paraphernalia on Amazon below.

  • The Essentials

From a variety of “spice” grinders to rolling papers of all materials and designs, if you can wait at least 24 hours, you’ll likely save a few bucks and some gas by browsing Amazon from the comfort of your home. 

A quick search of the best grinders on Amazon and the YATSAR Spice Grinder three-inch Spice Crusher for just under $20 comes up. This “kitchen” grinder is a beautiful gold color and has more than 200 reviews with a solid 4.5 average rating. Another interesting and highly rated grinder is the Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder – OTTO by Banana Bros. This machine literally does the work for you and according to one user is “worth every penny” of the $149.99 price point. This grinder has more than 2,000 reviews, giving it a 4.4 average rating. 

If you’re more of a manual person, you can get your own rolling papers or cones on Amazon to fill with your newly grinded cannabis. Type in “rolling papers” and you will find Zig-Zags, Elements, Blazy Susan and more. For those who like to stuff instead of roll, you can also find the popular classic cones from RAW available from a variety of sellers. When you’re looking for cannabis paraphernalia essentials, Amazon is a great place to go for a variety of quality products. 

  • Storage

Ask any longtime consumer and they will tell you that having proper storage is critical to keeping your weed and cannabis paraphernalia stored safely away from the kiddos or other lurkers, and keeping it fresh. Whether you’re looking to travel discreetly, or find the best weed and weed paraphernalia storage for your home, Amazon has some great options, from decorative storage boxes to hold your weed and marijuana paraphernalia to humidity controlled herb storage.

For a decorative weed paraphernalia storage that also keeps the smell under control, the BAMBOX Stash Box with Rolling Tray is designed as a great stash box for accessories, as a smoking box kit, or to safeguard your stuff. It’s portable and lightweight, but big enough for all your marijuana paraphernalia accessories. Plus, it’s affordable at just under $30.

For the best personal storage for your home or on the go, there’s nothing more reliable than the CVault by FreshStor. This trusted brand is available from a variety of sellers and comes in sizes to fit most needs. The CVault Storage Container 2 Liter Stainless Steel Humidity Container is seven inches wide, four inches tall and fits three to four ounces of herbs, making this stash container perfect for all your needs. Plus, the stainless-steel keeps your cannabis potent by blocking harmful UVB light that deteriorates potency — unlike glass or plastic baggies that will deteriorate potency over time and has a price-point of just over $50. 

  • Glass, Dabs, and Bubbler Marijuana Paraphernalia

For the glass, dab and bubbler lovers of the world, Amazon has you covered too. This consumption method requires a cannabis tool set for a seamless experience. Grab a tool kit of your liking and budget by searching “dab tool kit” in the search bar. Choose tools for scooping, loading, and scraping, and cutting your cannabis material. These paraphernalia for weed tools are perfect for at home and travel!

There has been some speculation that the online megastore will possibly sell weed one day, but for now we’ll settle for the ease of all things weed paraphernalia on Amazon. For more information on proper cannabis and cannabis extract storage, learn more about the CVault and EVault from FreshStor.

FreshStor created and manufactures the renowned CVault, the world’s smartest cannabis curing and storage container, as well as the new EVault upgraded with 316 pharma-grade steel for secure and sanitary storage of plant extracts like cannabis.

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