Best Weed Paraphernalia on Amazon

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Amazon isn’t the only e-commerce game in town, but when it comes to one-stop shopping and speedy Prime shipping, love it or hate it, Amazon tops the list for fast and affordable e-commerce. With everything from electronics to housewares to toys, books, movies and music, it should come as no surprise that this vast internet-based enterprise also has some great choices when it comes to cannabis paraphernalia.  For weed paraphernalia on Amazon, you could just put a keyword in the search bar and scroll, but we’re helping you out by presenting a few of our favorites in marijuana paraphernalia.


Cones are a super simple way to enjoy cannabis without carrying a pipe or bong around. Whereas there is a definite skill needed to roll a joint, cones are super easy to fill and offer a nice, large amount of space for your ground flower. These Hengelo Cones are cute and made of natural fiber. They come 50 to a pack and include their own little spoon for convenient filling.

These Semkont Cones provide a slow, even burn while adding a unique full-bodied strawberry flavor. This Natural Unbleached Zig-Zag Cone Set comes from the OG name we’ve grown to trust and includes a small metal tray in a vintage design.


When it comes to paraphernalia for weed, a grinder is one of the most standard and basic tools to own. Herb grinders break down big cannabis chunks into finer, consistently sized pieces that are a must when rolling a blunt or packing a tight bowl. This results in a slower, more even burn.

This budget grinder from TitanOwl has great reviews and can be yours for less than you probably spend for a drink at Starbucks. This GrindX claims to be indestructible and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This premium Santa Cruz Shredder carries a more premium price tag, but is made with solid aircraft-grade aluminum and has a unique magnetic locking lid. And for a really high-end experience, you can invest in this OTTO by Banana Brothers, the first and only automatic milling machine. Or you could just get this Rick & Morty grinder because it’s cute…and who doesn’t love Rick & Morty?


You know the old saying: Where there’s smoke, there must be fire. While lighters may not technically be classified as weed paraphernalia on Amazon, there are definitely lighters that go above and beyond the mere act of, well, lighting. For Boomers who still carry a nostalgic fondness for days gone by, you can get a Zippo that looks like a mixtape (or the much cheaper DJEEP version in a four-pack.) Younger EDC enthusiasts might appreciate a FLKR LYTR, the world’s first patented spinning lighter case that provides multi-functional stress relief by combining a lighter case with a fidget spinner. This Waselia Permanent Match is heart-shaped, made from a metal alloy, designed to withstand at least 10,000 clicks and comes on a keychain so you never need to be without it. And for the absolute ultimate in lighter paraphernalia for weed, there is the Toker Poker. In a variety of colors and designs, this is an all-inclusive smoking tool that contains a stainless steel tamper, a fold-in stainless steel poker and can securely hold up to five feet of hemp wick.


As far as weed paraphernalia storage goes, Amazon can deliver this best-selling, highly rated combination-locked stash bag featuring removable dividers and stretchy bands for extra holding, made with proprietary smell filtration technology and more than enough room for all your tools.

You can also get this gorgeous authentic decorative wooden storage box handcrafted in Ukraine. It features an elegant leather strap that magnetically secures its detachable lid, which doubles as a rolling tray featuring raised edges and a beveled spout to ensure that not a single bit of bud is wasted.

There are a multitude of options when you are looking for weed paraphernalia storage, but only one when it comes to the actual storage of your cannabis flower: a CVault. CVault is the most reliable solution on the market when it comes to cannabis storage. With solid stainless steel construction to protect your bud from exposure to air, light, heat and moisture, CVault is the revolutionary way to ensure the long-lasting flavor and freshness of whatever you put inside it.

Assorted Accessories

It’s hard to list everything when there’s so much cannabis paraphernalia to choose from, but a special mention must be made for machines that turn your weed into cannabis-infused butter. These include the high-end Levo II botanical extractor and the far more budget-friendly Pulsar Herbal Chef stovetop infuser.

Similarly, we’ve got to mention tools that help you grow your own plants, from a simple, basic AeroGarden to a far more space-consuming Gorilla Grow Hydroponic Indoor Tent. And let’s not forget compounds to clean all the resin and gunk from your pipes, a super discreet cannabis scale that looks like a pack of cigarettes and a vinyl decal for your car or laptop that shows the molecular structure of THC.

Who knows? One day, mega-retailer Amazon may actually sell weed online. Until that day, though, it provides the easy delivery of marijuana paraphernalia with a few mouse clicks — which is a pretty fantastic option to have.

If you are looking for more information on proper cannabis and cannabis extract storage, you can learn more about the World’s Smartest Curing and Storage Containers on the FreshStor website. Whether you purchase them on Amazon or buy directly from FreshStor, with CVaults and Evaults, you get all the safety and protection you need: no thinking required!

This article was originally published on September 21, 2022, and has been updated on July 26, 2023.

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