6 Tips to Keep Your Cannabis Safe and Fresh

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If you want to enjoy smooth, flavorful cannabis that burns evenly and maintains its potency over time, you’re going to need to store it in a weed storage case. If you don’t? Your stash will go downhill pretty quickly. And the same is true when you’re on the go. You need a weed travel case to protect your buds. Not to worry! We’ve got the best tips to store and travel with your bud, and the CVault weed holders we recommend.

  1. Mind the Lights

Light is well-known to be the worst offender when it comes to things that can harm your pot. UV rays quickly deteriorate cannabinoids, making glass jars and plastic baggies your stash’s number one enemy. This tip is simple: keep your cannabis in the dark!

  1. Keep the Temperature Cool

In the perfect world, you want to keep your cannabis in a cool environment at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take 10 degrees. When temperatures vary beyond that, you run into issues like high humidity associated with high temperature or brittle bud when it gets too cold. To keep your marijuana as fresh as possible, keep your stash in a cool dark cupboard. If extreme temperatures can’t be avoided, the less-is-more approach may be best for you. Order smaller quantities more often, so your stock stays fresh.  

  1. Maintain Humidity

If you want weed that smokes the way the grower intended, you need to think about humidity. When you use a weed storage box that lets humidity escape, your pot will dry up and you’ll get a fast burn with harsh smoke. On the other hand, if the environment is too damp or your container lets moisture in, you could get mold.

The easiest way to maintain the ideal humidity for your weed is by using a humidity pack. The Boveda two-way humidity packs absorb and release moisture into your weed holders to maintain either 58% or 62% relative humidity. This means your weed stays fresher for longer! The CVault and Boveda pack combo can revive weed that’s been stored improperly by rectifying its humidity and resulting in a smoother smoking experience. 

  1. Let the Air Circulate

Be sure to choose a weed storage case that allows space for air to move around. If you cram it all into a tiny container (I’m looking at you, film canisters!) moisture can’t move and you’ll get mold or mildew. On the other hand, too big of a container will allow too much oxygen to come in contact with your weed and lead to a quicker loss of potency. If you maintain a large stash, this becomes even more of a problem, because you’re introducing more oxygen to your whole supply every time you want to roll a joint. 

The solution? Keep your main stash in a large marijuana storage case, your weekly supply in a smaller weed storage case, and your on-the-go buds in a weed travel case — we suggest our xsmall and small CVault “twist” for travel. This will keep your inventory as fresh as possible by reducing the number of times you open the lids.

  1. Keep the Seal Tight

A tight-sealing container will keep any tell-tale smells from escaping, but it’s also essential to keep your weed fresh. A tight seal will:

  • Prevent external odors from contaminating your cannabis.
  • Maintain internal moisture levels. Using a Boveda pack inside your tight container creates the perfect environment for your bud. 
  • Keep weed snug in its container, safe from backpack jostling, curious cats and clumsy friends. 
  1. Choose the Right Marijuana Storage Case

We’ve covered a lot of things to consider when keeping your cannabis safe and fresh: light, temperature, humidity, air circulation and a tight seal. What if there was a weed storage case that covered all the bases? Meet the Personal CVault, your ultimate cannabis storage solution. 

All of our weed holders have special Boveda pack holders, are light-proof, have tight-fitting seals, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. And they have wide openings, making them easily accessible for everyone. For your personal needs, check out our personal CVault line:

  • CVault “twist”. Portable and sleek with ½ or ¼-ounce options and an angled Boveda pack holder for easy access! The perfect weed travel case.
  • Medium CVault. In a handy one-ounce capacity, this is the world’s smartest cannabis storage container, no thinking required!
  • Large CVault. At double the medium CVault’s capacity, this marijuana storage case is perfect for the cannabis connoisseur and home grower alike.
  • Want More? We carry personal CVault combo packs, as well as cannabis storage containers for large-scale cultivators and home growers.

The Simplest Cannabis Storage Containers

Enjoying your weed shouldn’t be complicated, and neither should storing it. With FreshStor’s CVault solutions, all the work has been done for you! Choose one of our secure weed holders, pop in a Boveda pack, and your buds are good to go.

Photo by @contractor.mmj.