Virginia Cannabis Legalization

Is cannabis legal in Virginia? Cannabis in Virginia is legal to use recreationally, and the first medical dispensaries are set to open in September 2022. As only one of 18 states to welcome responsible cannabis use so far, and the first in the south, Virginia cannabis legalization is exciting and welcome news for tokers across the state. With so many pot options on the horizon, you need trusted containers to keep your bud safe and fresh. FreshStor has the perfect solution — the smartest Virginia cannabis storage container, no thinking required.

CVault: Cannabis Storage In Virginia

Now that Virginia cannabis is legal, you’ll have easy access to a myriad of fresh, expertly grown buds of all kinds. You no longer need to suffer the old days dried-out, powdery that has degraded to shake, trichomes clinging to the edges of a sad plastic baggie. Or weed that has become too moist and even moldy, making it unsafe to consume. You need a solid Virginia cannabis storage container that protects your cannabis.

Protect your cannabis from excess light, moisture and air. All of these things can affect your end experience and even destroy your cannabis. FreshStor’s CVault is designed specifically to keep your flower fresh for as long as possible — it can even help revive cannabis that was stored improperly.

The smart design of the CVault keeps your cannabis in Virginia fresh with its unique design features:

  • 304 food-grade stainless steel that blocks light and is easy to keep/stay clean.
  • tight silicone seal that keeps excess air and humidity out, but also keeps odors and the ideal humidity inside.
  • patented pack holder inside the lid that perfectly holds a two-way humidity pack from Boveda. Protects your trichomes!
  • Tight locks to keep your bud secure and the silicone seal intact.

All of these features work together to enhance your bud’s taste, allow you to store it longer, and give you a smoother smoke. Plus, our containers all have wide-mouth openings to accommodate big buds, even bigger hands, and to make cleaning a snap.

The CVault comes in many different sizes for personal and cultivator use, including the new xsmall and small CVault “twist”, our smallest containers that can carry a quarter-ounce and half-ounce respectively. Both meet Virginia’s one-ounce maximum requirement for carrying a personal stash. Sizes go up from there, so you can keep all of your favorite strains fresh and tasty.

cvault storage containers

CVault: Virginia Cannabis Home Grow Kits

With Virginia cannabis legalization came the happy news that you can grow up to four marijuana plants at home (for your personal use, of course). After you’ve babied your plants for months and you can finally harvest their green gold, you’re going to need a way to cure and store your bounty.

Again, light, air and excess humidity are your enemy, and you certainly don’t want to lose any of the precious effort you went into cultivating your homegrown buds. CVault has the easiest solution for cannabis storage in Virginia with multi-packs designed with homegrowers in mind. Our CVault home grow kits contain various sizes and accompanying Boveda packs to match. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, protect your buds through the harvest, curing and storage stages.

flower storage

EVault: Virginia Cannabis Extract Storage

Storing cannabis isn’t complicated when you have the right container, and the same thing is true of cannabis extract storage. If you drop a container of weed and it breaks or opens, it’s no big deal (other than the inconvenience). But if your extract container fails, all that oil, powder, distillate, or isolate is gone. Enter EVault, here to protect your extracts from unfortunate accidents or contamination.

Like the CVault, the Evault is strong, light-proof, and comes with a tight seal. We’ve upgraded it with 316 medical grade stainless steel for strength and a sanitary environment. The tight seal and lid is secured with heavy-duty latches, giving you peace of mind during transportation and ensuring light, air, and moisture are locked out. Finally, it comes in a variety of sizes to prevent excess air exposure that comes with too-big containers.

All of these features add up to solid protection for your Virginia cannabis extracts from contamination and loss of weight or potency due to poor storage. Keep the active properties of your extracts fresher for longer with FreshStor’s EVault.

cvault storage containers

Is Cannabis Legal in Virginia?

If the legalization of cannabis in Virginia has highlighted the issue of finding good cannabis storage, we think that’s an excellent problem to have! Luckily, FreshStor has created the smartest, easiest Virginia cannabis storage solution on the market for individuals, cultivators, and dispensary owners. With the CVault and EVault, you can store your Virgina cannabis and extracts, no thinking required. Check out the FreshStor current product lineup.

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