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Oh, Virginia — you really are the Mother of States. Last year Virginia became the 17th state in the nation, and first state in the South, to legalize cannabis for adults. Residents of the Old Dominion can currently possess up to one ounce of cannabis and cultivate up to four plants in their primary residence. That said, mostly due to Republican opposition, a House of Delegates subcommittee recently voted down legislation that would have allowed recreational marijuana sales to begin in September 2022. That means right now Virginia cannabis laws state that the only legal way to obtain marijuana is to grow it yourself, receive it as a gift or buy it from a medical dispensary by using a prescription. So now, more than ever, if you are lucky enough to have cannabis in Virginia, you want to be smart enough to store it and protect it in the best Virginia weed containers. Introducing FreshStor and our premium CVaults and EVaults — the absolute finest choice available anywhere for Virginia weed storage.

CVault: Cannabis Storage in Virginia

You’ve spent time, money and energy acquiring the best cannabis possible… don’t drop the ball by storing it improperly. Improper Virginia weed storage could not only affect the appearance of your bud but also the quality — by altering taste and decreasing potency. Protect your product from exposure to air, light and moisture to prevent your cannabis from degrading and crumbling from excessive dryness or spongy from excessive humidity. Until Virginia cannabis laws change, growing marijuana in Virginia might be your best shot at access. You need it to last a long time. We got you.

CVault by FreshStor was the product that started it all — a revolutionary way to store whatever is placed inside, from tobacco to spices to flower, to ensure long-lasting flavor and freshness. Constructed from 304 food-grade stainless steel with secure latching systems and silicone gaskets to create a secure seal, CVaults are the most reliable cannabis storage solutions on the market and the No. 1 choice when it comes to Virginia weed containers.

Easy to clean and built to last for years, every CVault comes with a Boveda humidity pack included to significantly increase the standard shelf-life of the cannabis placed inside. In a range of sizes that can hold anywhere from a quarter of an ounce to more than 5 pounds, there is a CVault perfect for everyone. Say goodbye to antiquated plastic baggies and mason jars, and experience the difference of a CVault today.

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CVault Home Grow Kits: Cannabis Cultivation in Virginia

Virginia cannabis laws are more favorable than ever before! “Home Cultivation” of cannabis was legalized in Virginia on July 1, 2021. While growing marijuana in Virginia is legal, it is limited to four marijuana plants per household — not per person — and they can only be grown at your main place of residence. Plants are for personal use only. Individuals selling or distributing marijuana grown at home are subject to criminal penalties — although it is permissible to “gift ” one ounce or less between people who are over 21 years of age as long as there is no renumeration.

If you are someone with a green thumb, or someone who wants to participate in “adult sharing” of your green, or someone who is preparing to become a member of the green market when selling restrictions may potentially be lifted in 2024, then investing in a combo pack of CVaults from FreshStor could be the smartest money you’ve ever spent. With all the hard work that goes into the growing, harvesting, and transporting of your Virginia cannabis, why would you ever settle for anything less?

CVaults offer the ultimate in protection so that none of your cannabinoid-laden trichomes break off of your buds. When you combine your CVaults with the included Boveda humidity packs, you exponentially decrease any possibility of mold, dehydration or degradation ruining that beautiful Virginia cannabis that you so painstakingly grew yourself. For the highest quality and greatest potency cannabis, invest in a “no-thinking-required” cultivation kit from FreshStor.

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CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in Virginia

Love your CVault so much you wish that you could take it with you everywhere you go? Well, with Virginia cannabis laws now on your side, you can — with the latest in Virginia weed storage innovation from FreshStor, the CVault “twist”. The CVault “twist” gives you all of the safety and protection of the original CVault but in a smaller and easier-to-transport size. Still heavy-duty with the same premium 304 stainless steel body and thick silicone gasket, the new CVault “twist” has a new three-nub twisting closure, and a specially angled holder to secure your Boveda humidity pack for maximum freshness. In new quarter-ounce and half-ounce sizes, the CVault “twist” is the perfectly discreet way to transport your Virginia cannabis with you wherever adventure may lead. Perfect for pocket or purse, get yourself a CVault “twist” and never be without your cannabis again.

cvault small twist top

EVault: Cannabis Extract Storage in Virginia

The first legalized sales of Virginia cannabis extracts began Oct. 14, 2020. Cannabis extracts are currently only allowed to be produced and sold by specially licensed “pharmaceutical processors,” and the Board of Pharmacy has only issued approval to five. When looking for a secure and sanitary way to protect your plant-extracted oils, powders, distillates and isolates, look no further than an EVault.

Just like its predecessor the CVault, the EVault takes all the uncertainty out of product protection. Constructed from upgraded 316 stainless steel, the EVault is the ultimate cannabis extract storage system and is specially designed to retain terpenes, potency and weight for years while making spillage practically impossible. Experts agree that proper extract storage is just as important if not more important than the strain or the potency of the Virginia cannabis extract itself, so treat yourself to the very best extract storage system on the market by getting one (or more) of your very own. EVault — nothing else even comes close.

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