Keep Your Tobacco Fresh & Flavorful with CVault

tobacco storage container

The CVault is the top choice for cannabis users and businesses, but it isn’t exclusively for cannabis and hemp! The CVault is ideal for any dried materials that need to remain in a consistent environment with balanced humidity. Because of its easy use and high-quality construction, it’s the ideal container for airtight long term tobacco storage. 

Tobacco Curing 

As cigarette prices shot up thanks to federally-imposed regulations, many people turned to rolling their own tobacco. This was an excellent way to save money, but it’s still not the most affordable tobacco option. Growing your own tobacco is relatively simple and can be done with minimal space and gardening skills. While commercial tobacco farms are heavily regulated and taxed, it’s legal to grow your own tobacco for personal use. You should check your state laws to determine how many plants they consider “personal use” before you go nuts with tobacco plants cultivation!

Once you’ve grown your tobacco, you will need to cure it before you can start smoking it. Most people barn-cure it by hanging the tobacco leaves in a sheltered area away from all of the elements, but if you’re in a location that has long periods without rain, you can sun-cure it. Sun-curing is a quicker method, but it can be riskier. 

Tobacco has a small window between curing and becoming unusable. Once it has cured to the perfect point, you must quickly preserve it to avoid losing portions of the leaves. The CVault is the perfect tobacco storage container. Combined with a Boveda pack, your CVault will protect your tobacco from becoming too dry and degrading.

The Best Tobacco Storage Container

Whether you’re curing your own tobacco or purchasing it from your local tobacco shop, most smokers who roll their own recommend an airtight container for tobacco. The biggest benefit of keeping air away from your tobacco is that it will help the tobacco stay fresher and retain its flavor. While commercially produced tobacco has a pretty long shelf life, there are limits to that.

If you’ve been using a glass jar, the bag it came in or even a freezer bag for long term tobacco storage, you may not be getting the freshest tobacco possible when it comes time to smoke it. Instead, try one of the top products that tobacco shops across the nation recommend for long term tobacco storage: the CVault.

Does Tobacco Need to Stay Dry? 

Just a small amount of water can impact your tobacco. If you expose it to the elements or even if condensation forms from your environment (like the freezer), your tobacco could get wet. Wet tobacco causes it to spoil faster and can even lead to more harmful issues like mold. You should never smoke moldy tobacco — not only will it taste bad but it could be harmful to your health. Make sure that your tobacco stays 100% dry no matter how long it’s stored. Keeping it dry protects it, protects you and protects your investment in this increasingly expensive plant.

Is Tobacco Impacted by Light? 

Even though it is common to cure tobacco in the sunlight, it’s only done for a short period of time and does not impact the flavor or components of the dried leaves. Tobacco that is exposed to sunlight after it has been dried out can deteriorate faster. This means your tobacco may not last as long as the original freshness date and may even be more difficult or harsh to smoke. By keeping it in a light-proof tobacco storage container, it will last longer and avoid dehydration from the sun. Always make sure your CVault is properly sealed to protect contents from the elements! 

What Tobacco Companies Think About CVault

Companies that cater solely to tobacco users offer the CVault for their clients. Vermont Freehand and both offer the CVault as an option to their customers so they can keep their tobacco protected. The CVault is the preferred option to an open bag or a container that is not airtight. What’s another great feature? Puff Discount Tobacco loves that CVault comes in four different sizes to suit every customer’s needs! 

The CVault airtight container for tobacco is an excellent option for tobacco users as well as those who grow their own tobacco. We offer a variety of CVault sizes to suit your needs from the half-ounce on-the-go container all the way up to a 21-liter sized storage container. Choose the one that fits your tobacco storage container needs best, and rest assured you’re getting a product that will protect the longevity of your tobacco. All containers come with a Boveda humidity pack and a special pocket in the container to store the pack!

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