Tips for Using the CVault in a Dispensary

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For many dispensary owners, storage is one of the trickiest problems they face when managing their products. Finding the perfect cannabis dispensary storage container is an important part of having a successful dispensary and can make a world of difference in the quality of your product. 

The CVault provides an ideal storage solution for all dispensary owners because of how easy it is to incorporate into any business model. Not only does the CVault provide uniform aesthetics with durable steel construction but it also helps control humidity, can be stacked and is not easily breakable like glass. 

Choose Sizes That Work for Your Dispensary 

No matter what size your dispensary is or the volume of products you carry, there’s a CVault for you. From small personal-sized containers to huge cultivator-sized containers, we have something for every dispensary. Many dispensary owners choose to go with a variety of sizes depending on the strains that they have. More popular strains may require a larger CVault to hold a large volume of product while the smaller sizes are perfect for exclusive or less popular strains. 

Location will also have an impact on the CVault sizes you choose for your dispensary! Each state has different laws and you may be limited on the amount of cannabis that you can keep in your dispensary depending on these laws. 

Create an Airtight Seal 

There’s something about walking into a dispensary and breathing in the characteristic pungent aroma, but there comes a point when that smell is actually overwhelming. If you have many different products and strains in your dispensary, the mixture of scents can be difficult for your clients to experience — especially first-time shoppers. It can also be a sure sign that your cannabis isn’t in an airtight container! 

Using a sealed, airtight container isn’t just important for the smell factor. It’s important because without an airtight seal, you could lose out on your profits! The elements can impact your cannabis and cause it to deteriorate. It will affect the quality, potency and consistency. 

CVault dispensary storage containers are constructed to be airtight and protect your cannabis from the elements. The stainless steel outer material works to prevent light from reaching your products while the silicone seal will keep air and moisture out. 

Use With Boveda for Seamless Humidity Control

Even with an airtight seal, humidity can still impact the quality of your weed. This is where Boveda humidity packs come into play! These packs are an inexpensive insurance to help keep the humidity at consistent and ideal levels in your dispensary cannabis storage containers. 

When creating the world’s smartest storage container, we included a convenient pocket on the inside that Boveda humidity packs fit into perfectly. This allows you to use the packs without compromising any cannabis storage space within the container.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

With expert cultivation, many strains have different and specific purposes. This means that they really should not be cross-contaminated in any way even after they’ve reached the dispensary. Use CVault in your dispensary to avoid your strains contaminating each other while also protecting their integrity. It’s important to make sure that your weed is going to do what it’s supposed to do for your clients. 

Selling multiple strains to a single client? Make sure you have personal-sized CVaults in your dispensary so that they can keep them separate once they get home. Stress the importance of avoiding cross-contamination and then offer them options for purchasing a CVault. You can even get personal-sized containers with your logo on them for a unique branding opportunity! 

Take Advantage of Storage Options

If you have limited space in your dispensary, the CVault can help you maximize it and provide you with an easy way to keep all your product in a convenient location. Since the CVault containers are stackable, you can take advantage of vertical space that you wouldn’t be able to with glass or other traditional storage containers. 

Protect Your Product  

Your product directly impacts your profits and that is true no matter how big or popular your dispensary gets. If you are not working to actively protect your product, you could be losing out on money. The food-grade stainless steel provides a better layer of protection for your cannabis while also being less likely than glass to break. Make sure that you are protecting your cannabis by using the CVault dispensary storage container in your dispensary! 

Need more tips on using the CVault cannabis dispensary storage container? Want to learn more about how to start using them in your dispensary? Or, are you ready to place a bulk order? Contact us today with any questions or for more information! 

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