What The Werc Shop Study Says About The CVault

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The relative humidity of medical cannabis is important to maintain its potency and efficacy. CVault humidity control containers are designed to maintain the perfect humidity. Our containers work with or without Boveda humidity packs, but our patented two-way humidity pack holder secures a Boveda in place so as to avoid contact with the flower, thereby retaining more kief and terpenes and the amount of reducing shake. The CVault and the Boveda work together to control the humidity of your cannabis between 62-69%, depending on your preference. 

While we have always been confident in the CVault, we wanted to know with certainty just how effective our humidity control containers are, especially when combined with Boveda humidity packs. The results from the Werc Shop study speak for themselves, but here are some of the top benefits included in that evidence.

Less Waste, Better Yield

Waste directly eats into your profits. In a competitive industry like cannabis, more profits mean the ability to compete with other brands. It’s important to make sure you are taking every step possible to reduce anything that can impact your bottom line. This means reducing waste. Maintaining the humidity level of your cannabis at an ideal level is important but can be difficult to achieve when you’re working in a changing environment. Your cannabis can dry out and flake off, and you’ll lose product weight when the humidity isn’t just right — and that translates directly to lost profits. 

CVaults are perfect humidity control containers for anyone who is serious about growing and curing quality cannabis. By keeping the elements away from your flower and providing them with an ideal storage environment, you will maintain or even increase your yield. This will, in turn, lead to more consistent results and repeat customers. 

CVault Cost-Benefit

In just 45 days, the CVault can pay for itself in the amount of waste that it reduces. You will be able to reduce shake and stop being forced to roll pre-rolls out of your quality flower. This too leads to bigger profits with higher quality products and more high-dollar offerings.! 

Gain Cannabis Weight

If cannabis is left in the CVault long enough, the product will even begin to gain weight. In fact, the container may help gain two to four grams per half-pound per week. This translates into a significant increase in weight just from creating an ideal environment for your cannabis. For someone who is running 6,000 pounds per year, the CVault could help provide an increase of six grams per pound, on average. 

While weight increases may vary, the environment plays a huge role. Combined with the Boveda humidity control packs, the CVault humidity control container creates the perfect environment. 

Maximizes Results 

If you are not using any type of humidity control in your curing and storage SOPs, you are losing money. If you are only relying on Boveda humidity control packs but using glass or plastic storage containers, you are still taking a chance with your cannabis. You may even be spending more money on purchasing a lot of humidity control packs instead of purchasing the container. While the Boveda is an excellent option and will help keep the humidity stable, they may be more effective when combined with the CVault. When you use the CVault and Boveda together, you maximize the overall weight and create a higher quality yield. 

Whether you are interested in creating gains in your cannabis products or reducing the amount of waste with your valuable cured flower, the CVault is a proven method for success. The Werc Shop study concluded that in more than 160 days, “freshly dried flowers remained fresh upon storage in the CVault® container when including the 62% Boveda pack.” Even in climates where the humidity varies, you can be sure the humidity inside the CVault containers will remain stable. 


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