South Park, Tegridy Farms and the Future of Cannabis

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In yet another example of life imitating art, rumors are that you will soon be able to enjoy premium South Park cannabis from Tegridy Farms. It’s hard to believe, in this day and age and after 25 seasons and multiple movies and specials, that there is anyone anywhere who is completely unaware of the pop culture phenom that is South Park. But! Just in case you’re not currently an avid watcher of this Emmy Award-winning critically-acclaimed animated series, let us catch you up to speed on South Park and Tegridy Weed.

Since its 1997 debut on Comedy Central, South Park has used dark humor and lots of profanity to satirize topical issues. Although a cartoon, South Park has always been geared toward an adult audience and actually distinguished itself early on by being the first weekly television program to carry a TV-MA rating.

While early episodes were all about the shock value and slapstick humor, as the series progressed, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone took full advantage of their platform for more social satire, using plots as parables on religion, politics and anything else they could take aim at — including cannabis.

As far as South Park episodes about weed go, it was early on (1998) that elementary school guidance counselor Mr. Mackey repeatedly proclaimed that “Drugs are bad, mkay“. Chef also gave us a nugget of his succinct wisdom that, as far as drugs go, the children should “Stay away from them. There is a time and place for everything, and it’s called college.”

It wasn’t until season 5 (2001) in an early and most remembered South Park weed episode when the character of Towelie first appeared, as a genetically engineered towel who always wants to get high. Towelie recurred in multiple episodes and even though he was declared by Cartman to be “the worst character ever”, he became and has remained a fan favorite.

Things then really took off, and the subject of pot and legalized cannabis became a main plot point in season 14 (2010) when Stan’s dad, Randy Marsh, went to extreme and dangerous lengths to secure a prescription for medicinal marijuana. Which brings us to season 22 (2018) and the introduction of Tegridy Farms in the South Park weed episode that started it all.

The Tegridy definition is a play on the word “integrity” — and Tegridy Farms is a Colorado hemp farm just outside of the fictional town of South Park, Colorado, where Randy forcibly moves his entire family to start a new life cultivating marijuana. The Tegridy definition states that our Founding Fathers owned hemp farms, and Randy feels we all must work to right the wrongs suffered by us in the War On Drugs.

Shortly after its introduction, Tegridy Farms then became a heavily recurring location — so much so that for the first six episodes of season 23, South Park even replaced their usual opening credits and theme song with a whole new Tegridy Farms intro, sung by Randy. Tegridy Farms also became the subject of multiple South Park specials and movies, and provided not only humor but also shone a light on serious issues such as racial inequity within the cannabis industry.

Now here’s where it all gets really fun. Last year, after signing a $1 billion deal with ViacomCBS to make six more seasons of South Park and 14 movies, Matt and Trey revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that they want to use some of that recently acquired money to bring Tegridy Weed into real life. Yup. For reals. The product both beloved and reviled in so many South Park episodes about weed may soon actually be available for you to smoke. Or vape. Or imbibe however you see fit.

While there is no timeframe as to when Tegridy Weed will come to fruition, and it is unknown whether the farm will be solely for cultivation or be open for tourism as the farm in the show was, this is still something to get excited about. As lifelong connoisseurs, it’s a given that whatever South Park cannabis Parker and Trey create should be of the utmost quality — and be a massive hit with consumers worldwide. Just think: We could be puffing on some Catatonic Tegridy Weed or Green Willy Stranger before you know it.

And when that glorious day does arrive, where will you keep all of that history-making South Park cannabis? The same place you should store all of your marijuana — in a CVault.

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