Is weed legal in South Dakota?

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South Dakota Cannabis Laws

Is weed legal in South Dakota in 2023? Is rec weed legal in South Dakota? What about South Dakota medical cannabis? These questions can be tricky, as South Dakota cannabis laws are a bit cattywampus.

In November 2020, good ol’ SD almost made history by becoming the first state to legalize the use of medicinal and recreational marijuana at the same time when Measure 26 passed with 70% approval in the state general election. But then Constitutional Amendment A was challenged in court and in February 2021, it was deemed illegal on the basis of violating South Dakota’s “single-subject rule,” which requires that amendments deal with no more than one subject. This meant that while South Dakota medical cannabis became legal in July 2021, those asking “Is rec weed legal in South Dakota?” were left without a clear answer. Even though South Dakotans had approved the challenged adult-use cannabis bill just two years earlier, by November 2022, voters in The Mount Rushmore State had rejected measures to legalize South Dakota adult-use cannabis not just once, but twice.

So is recreational weed legal in South Dakota now? The answer is no. But pro-cannabis group New Approach South Dakota has accused officials of illegal election interference and promoting their own personal political agendas and now, cannabis activists are preparing for 2024 with a new bid for South Dakota cannabis laws to approve recreational weed.

As far as South Dakota medical cannabis goes, there are more than 200 approved practitioners and almost 8,800 patient cards that have been approved, allowing cardholders to possess up to three ounces of flower or the equivalent of related products like concentrates, edibles or vape products. And as for South Dakota recreational weed? Well, one can only hope that soon, all the great faces in great places will have the freedom they deserve to smoke up if they choose to.

CVault: Cannabis Storage in South Dakota

For those with a South Dakota medical cannabis card, the issue is no longer how to get it, but where to keep it. While there are lots of choices when it comes to South Dakota cannabis storage, if you want the ultimate in freshness and protection for your weed, the only name to consider is FreshStor.

The CVault from FreshStor is a revolutionary way to ensure long-lasting flavor for whatever you put inside it. Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and designed with thick silicone rings and secure latches to create an airtight seal, the CVault creates the perfect storage conditions for South Dakota cannabis. CVaults protect their contents from any and all environmental factors such as air, light, heat and moisture to make sure that the cannabis you just spent a pretty penny on stays potent and great-tasting.

In sizes that hold anywhere from a quarter ounce to more than two pounds, there is a CVault perfect for everyone. In just a few clicks, you can have a CVault of your very own delivered right to your door before you can say “You betcha.” Get the world’s smartest cannabis storage container and never worry about dry shake, spongy buds or wasted money ever again.

south dakota marijuana storage

EVault: Extract Storage in South Dakota

When it comes to South Dakota cannabis storage for extracts, the EVault is the absolute best for your plant-extracted oils, isolates, distillates and powders.

Constructed from 316 stainless steel with a seamless interior and available in three-, seven-, and 21-liter sizes, EVaults have nesting capability for a minimal storage footprint and a sleek and beautiful design that is both secure and sanitary. No lie, it’s just about the finest storage system available for any and all of your cannabis oil, hash and wax. When you want to protect your investment in the smartest way possible, your best bet is an EVault.

south dakota weed storage, is rec marijuana legal in south dakota

CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in South Dakota

Whether you’re crossing the crick or crossing state lines, heading to the Badlands or checking out The Hills, wherever you travel, bring your best friend Mary Jane along for the ride.

The CVault “twist” provides all the protection of the original CVault, but in a smaller and more portable size. Designed to hold either a half ounce or quarter ounce, these sleek and discreet transportable containers have a thick silicone gasket and a three-nub twisting closure for that airtight seal all FreshStor products are known for. They also feature a built-in angled holder for the included Boveda humidity pack. That seal means no one can smell what you’re carrying, and the food-grade stainless steel construction means no one can see inside either, making it the perfect South Dakota cannabis container for when you’re out and on the go.

south dakota medical cannabis
south dakota marijuana storage

Choose the Best in South Dakota Cannabis Storage

Hopefully, someday soon, there will be no need to ask “Is weed legal in South Dakota?” because South Dakota residents will be able to enjoy cannabis and all its benefits, regardless of whether they have a qualifying medical condition. Until then, you can store your South Dakota medicinal cannabis in the finest way possible with something from the revolutionary product line from FreshStor. With CVaults, EVaults and home grow kits, your future is looking very green indeed.

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