Boveda Humidity 10 Pack – 58% Boveda 8 Gram


If you know about humidity packs, then you know Boveda is the official name in the best humidity packs. In fact, the Boveda was initially created specifically for the CVault storage container. Now with another great “relative humidity”, the 58% percent humidity pack is another solution for a “something a little different”. So now you can try the power of humidity with the new Boveda 58 percent 8 gram packs.

What is The Boveda Humidipak?
– A 2 Way Relative Humidity Patented Technology – Never Too Much Humidity or Not Enough Humidity – Natural Ingredients Approved by the FDA – A Relative Humidity of 58 Percent – Original Design for Use with the CVault Storage Container – No Need to Crack or “Activate” the Pack The only little humidity pack you will ever need. With this 10 Pack of 8 Gram Packs, you’ll be good to go for a few months. If you are looking for other humidipaks then check out our humidity packs section for an even larger selection.

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Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.5 × .25 in