50 liter CVault 4 pack


50 Liter CVault Storage Container 4-pack

Capacity: 5-7 lbs / 2-3 kilos

All 4 pack grow kits include FREE SHIPPING in contiguous US!

You have surpassed growing as a hobby, and ascended to the master level. Congratulations on leveling up!

What you get with 50-liter (4) pack.
– 4 each 50-liter CVault containers
– 8 each Boveda 320-gram two-way humidity packs in 62% RH
– Easy to read instructions on how to properly use your CVault


A 50-liter CVault 4-pack.

Capacity: 5-7 lbs / 2-3 kilos

This is some serious storage capacity! For master cultivators and experienced botanist, this is the ultimate storage solution.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 20 in