What Does Oregon’s Crackdown on Additives Mean for Cannabis Processors?

additives found in cannabis

Cannabis additives have the potential to bring many benefits to those who use the products, but when they go unchecked, they also have the potential to bring harm if they are not handled properly. Delta-8 THC is a popular product for cannabis users looking for a legal loophole. While the additive has been touted for being a “legal” substitute for more traditional cannabis products, states are beginning to take a closer look at these products. Oregon is among the first to push for regulation of unchecked Delta-8 THC. These regulations could carry over to further crackdowns on additives found in cannabis products in Oregon and beyond. 

Even though cannabis additives can be extremely beneficial for those who are using the products for specific purposes, having a regulated industry could be helpful for those who want to be 100% sure about the products that they’re putting in their body. Leaving the market unregulated could lead to dangerous additives used to save money, counterfeit products and even false advertising about the efficacy of the additives. By regulating the additives found in cannabis products, states like Oregon may have a chance to create more peace of mind for users while also allowing them to legally use products that can be helpful.

As states like Oregon prepare for more regulation of cannabis additives, it creates a conversation throughout the United States and pushes regulation to the front of mind for many people. For cannabis processors, this can have a serious negative impact. Those who are used to doing business in one way may soon be forced to change those practices because of upcoming regulations to additives found in cannabis.

What is Delta-8 THC? 

As the popularity in Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids increases, more people wonder about what it is and what they need to know about it before using it. Like other cannabinoids, Delta-8 THC works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to provide a multitude of benefits. Since Delta-8 THC products are hemp-based, they are different from other products that contain cannabis additives. This is what makes them technically federally legal in the U.S. Because of this, it can work as a loophole for cannabis users in states that do not have recreational legalization. Additionally, it can be purchased in states where cannabis is only medicinally legal and difficult to obtain. 

Cannabis Additives in Non-Recreational States

Additives found in cannabis have the potential to change the way the products work with the endocannabinoid system. Perhaps one of the most important things to look at when talking about these products is their use in states that do not already have regulations for cannabis products. In states that have not legalized recreational cannabis, products like Delta-8 THC can be a way for people to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis legally. Similarly, additives in products can change the way they work and even allow more people to enjoy the benefits that they would get from a product that is legal in their state.

Cannabis Additive Products in Legal States 

While Oregon is one of the states where Delta-9 THC is legal, the problem of Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids still remain. Because Delta-8 is often touted as a “lite” version of THC, it is seen as an alternative for people who want to use THC without any of the major side effects. While Delta-8 isn’t inherently a bad form of THC, the fact that it is going unchecked and unregulated in a state that has regulations for other THC products can cause problems. 


As Oregon works to regulate the sale and use of Delta-8 THC, it’s important to understand the impacts of an unregulated product in the cannabis market. Products that go unregulated have the potential to cause harm to those who are using them. Without the data or any information about the unregulated products, it can be difficult to keep the safety of users a priority. As Oregon and other states learn more about these products and adjust their strategy to include each of these products in their regulations, there will be more opportunities for safe and effective use of cannabinoids and additives in cannabis.

The laws surrounding Delta-8 THC and cannabis additives are constantly evolving. It’s important to stay in the know about the legality of these products and what you can do! At FreshStor, we offer the world’s smartest storage and curing container — no thinking required. But, we’re so much more than that. We’re a part of the industry and want to help you stay up to date on information about it. Follow along with FreshStor here and on Instagram to stay up to date.