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We’re excited to announce a new spin on the classic CVault, the new CVault “twist”. Almost nine years ago,  FreshStor revolutionized the industry by presenting the CVault, the world’s smartest curing and storage container. Next came the EVault for secure and sanitary extract storage. And now we’ve developed the CVault “twist” — the perfect on-the-go cannabis container.

The Evolution of the CVault

The CVault was originally designed as a solution to keeping dried cannabis optimally humidified. Inspired by the humidor and how well it worked for cigars, the combination of the CVault and Boveda 2-way humidity packets were found to create the ideal humidified environment for storing dried cannabis, enhancing taste, and improving the smoothness when consumed. Basically, the CVault works so well because it is the ultimate way to preserve and save terpenes. Terpenes are what are responsible for the flavor, bouquet, and effect of your cannabis — so protecting your terpenes is going to provide you with a superior product. CVaults are second to none because even if you happen to start out with overly dried buds, CVault does an unparalleled job of reintroducing moisture into them to create an awesome smoking experience.

All CVaults are constructed from 304-grade stainless steel and possess secure closure systems which ensure total protection from UV light. Their wide-mouth design allows easy access to whatever you’re storing. Far superior to any Mason jars, plastic containers, or baggies, which can allow degradation over time due to the natural elements,  CVaults create a completely enclosed tight and light-tight environment which means that it keeps your product as fresh and as aromatic as the day you put it inside. 

CVaults are referred to as the “no thinking required” storage system — because you literally just set it and forget it. No mathematical calculations needed, no worrying, no muss, no fuss. When you place your flower inside a CVault, you can rest assured that it is safe and protected with no further action necessary on your part. It self-adjusts to provide the exact humidity needed. Incredibly durable and easy to clean, CVaults have been known to protect that which you hold precious even from the unexpected and the unimaginable — like a serious house fire. If you are going to spend so much of your hard-earned cash on the finest product you can obtain, it only makes sense to protect your investment in the best way you can. And the best way you can is with a CVault.

Classic CVaults were a welcome addition to any home or business with their high-quality silicone gaskets and multi-latch closure system — but now the CVault has been revolutionized with a new “twist” design to create the perfect on-the-go cannabis container. With the new CVault “twist”, you simply align the three nubs and twist the top on and off to create the powerful seal. Still made with 304 food-grade stainless steel, with an on-brand green colored silicone seal, the new CVault “twist” also has a cut on the packet holder making it even easier to insert and remove the included Boveda pack. That’s right — each and every CVault purchase, “twist” or classic, comes with a Boveda pack included. Because we know how awful it is to receive a new toy without the batteries it needs, we include a wrapped Boveda humidity pack right along with your CVault “twist” purchase to ensure that you get started on the right foot.

Ways to Use the CVault “twist” for On-The-Go

The new and exciting CVault “twist” is currently available in two sizes: The xsmall which holds about a ¼ ounce, and the small which holds a ½ ounce. The CVault “twist” is the unrivaled on-the-go cannabis container because:

  • It is incognito. With its sleek and simple stainless steel design, no one will look twice if they see you with it. Unlike the plastic tubs and tubes you get from the dispensary, no one will have any idea what you are carrying inside should they happen to see it, which is exactly how it should be. 
  • It is capable. There is actual science involved in keeping smells from getting into a container (or out of it), and that comes with a tight seal. With many other kinds of containers, looks can be deceiving. Even though they may have thick walls and appear tightly closed, aroma can still leak out, especially if the product is potent and therefore pungent. You don’t want anyone smelling what you’ve got going on because your business is just that – your business.
  • It is dark. Light is the #1 destroyer of marijuana. Weed likes to be kept in the dark. Buds should remain healthy and full and not look all dried out like old oregano. You want the stuff you take out and about with you to be just as fine as your at-home stash. Protecting it from sunlight is the best way to make sure of that.
  • It is compact. The CVault “twist” is your perfect secret stash container because it is small enough to fit wherever you need it. It can easily fit in your pocket or purse. It is portable, sleek and built for adventure.
  • It is versatile. While the CVault has earned high marks for its superior ability to transport cannabis, you can actually use it to discreetly and conveniently transport whatever product it is that you care about — cannabis, gummies, chewing tobacco, even your favorite brand of loose tea leaves! The CVault is the penultimate storage system and the CVault “twist” is the unsurpassed way to take whatever you want wherever you want.

CVault uses can include bringing your favorite product to a party to share with your friends. You can take it along on an outdoor adventure like a hike, or while skiing, or while enjoying a day at the beach, without ever having to come down from feeling good because you’ve been away from home for too long. The holidays are just around the corner — do you really want to have to experience your family without the benefit of your medication? Whatever the situation and wherever you’re going, CVault is the perfect companion. And the ways to use the CVault are endless. CVault “twist” is truly the only on-the-go cannabis container of its kind on the market.

You can receive free shipping within the contiguous US on orders over $100 — so buy one of each size for yourself and pick up a few more as the perfect gift for someone you love. Check out our Instagram and YouTube channel to see all of the aficionados and influencers who swear by us and why — and then hop on over to our website to learn even more and place your order today. 

CVault “twist” – because you deserve the very best.

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