Finding the Perfect Non-THC Gift for Smokers

gifts for smokers

Finding the perfect gift for smokers without THC might be one of the biggest things you’ve been dreading on your holiday to-do list this year. You know you want to snag them a pack of prerolls or a small stash of their favorite strain, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Because of shipping laws and variations in recreational laws from state-to-state, it may not be logical to buy THC for all your 420 friends. In fact, purchasing weed as a gift falls into a legal gray area in a lot of states (read: it’s sketchy AF). Some may opt to give their friends cash to buy their own smoke, but that just seems a little cold during a season where gifts should be a little more personalized. 

So, what’s a caring friend to do? Grab some THC-free smoker-friendly products! 

Our friends at Future Cannabis Project put together the perfect guide that includes THC-free gifts for smokers! From products like cult-classic silicone spoons to innovations that turn any travel cup into a bong and, of course, the fan-favorite CVault (that smokers can never get enough of), you’ll be sure to find something that shows you care about them having a better smoking experience.

Want to give them something they can use to get the benefits of cannabis without THC? The guide also features some of the best CBD products that complement any THC routine nicely! Get gift ideas with CBD oil, topical products and even CBD for pets! 

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

At FreshStor, we know it can be tricky to navigate the murky waters of recreational cannabis. We have the perfect product for smokers that won’t get you in trouble no matter where you live. Check out the CVault (the world’s smartest curing and storage container) and learn why it’s one of the best gifts for smokers! 

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