Cannabis is legal in Minnesota! [2023]

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Congratulations to the Gopher State! Minnesota cannabis law has officially changed to allow adults 21 and older to use and possess legal recreational cannabis in Minnesota. The first dispensary selling recreational cannabis opened on the Red Lake Nation to anyone 21 and older. If you’ve been wondering “is cannabis legal in Minnesota?” The answer is yes! You no longer require a Minnesota medical cannabis card to purchase! If you’re as excited about Minnesota weed as we are, then read on to learn more about the current state of Minnesota cannabis law.

Is recreational cannabis legal in Minnesota?

Generally, recreational dispensaries do not open in a newly legalized state until the state figures out a licensing system for associated businesses. Currently, the best estimates for recreational Minnesota weed are in early 2025.

However, Minnesota’s 11 Native American tribal nations are sovereign, which means they can operate independently of state laws and regulations. Therefore, they don’t have to wait for the state’s licensing system to open dispensaries. The Red Lake dispensary is named NativeCare and has been providing Minnesota medical cannabis to both band members and non-members since April. White Earth Nation is also now selling recreational cannabis. The Waabigwan Mashkiki dispensary is in Mahnomen, on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota.

What is allowed under Minnesota cannabis law?

The new Minnesota legalization also allows citizens to possess and grow cannabis. Currently, possession of the following is permitted:

  • Up to two ounces of cannabis in public places
  • Up to eight grams of cannabis concentrate in public places
  • Edibles with up to 800 milligrams of THC in public places
  • Up to eight plants, with four mature flowering plants at a time, at home

Exceeding this last limit could result in a civil penalty of $500 per plant. Additionally, cannabis use is forbidden on public school grounds, behind the wheel of a car or boat, anywhere smoking is otherwise prohibited and in places where smoke or vapor could be inhaled by a minor. Yes, Minnesota cannabis use of any kind is prohibited at the state fair.

Taxes under Minnesota marijuana laws

Minnesota marijuana laws have enacted a 10 percent tax rate on gummies, seltzers and other retail products. 80 percent of sales proceeds are expected to cover state costs of regulation under the state’s general fund to the new Office of Cannabis Management and fund public health awareness campaigns, drug recognition evaluator training, startup funding for new cannabis retailers and producers, a state board tasked with expunging prior low-level marijuana charges and research on cannabis and roadside testing to detect potential impairment. The remaining 20 percent will be shared with local governments. Products sold on tribal land are exempt from these tax requirements, but could include taxes issued by tribal governments.

Minnesota weed sales and rules will vary by city, as local municipalities are allowed to temporarily restrict recreational sales until January 1, 2025. Local governments are also able to limit the number of retail shops according to their populations. The new Office of Cannabis Management will release applications, issue licenses and develop regulations outlining how and when businesses can participate. As of July 1, 2023, all sellers of taxable cannabis products must register with the Minnesota Department of Revenue to remit the new Cannabis Tax.

Minnesota cannabis business licensing

The new Minnesota cannabis legislation establishes the prioritization of applications for business licenses from people who live in low-income areas that have experienced a disproportionate impact from cannabis prohibition and for military veterans who lost honorable status due to cannabis-related offenses. Social equity also includes people who were convicted of cannabis-related offenses before the effective date of the legislation.

Below are some of the types of licenses offered by the state:

  • Cannabis microbusiness (application fee $500; no initial license fee; renewal license fee $2,000)
  • Cannabis mezzobusiness (application fee $5,000; initial license fee $5,000; renewal license fee $10,000)
  • Cannabis cultivator (application fee $10,000; initial license fee $20,000; renewal license fee $30,000)
  • Cannabis manufacturer (application fee $10,000; initial license fee $10,000; renewal license fee $20,000)
  • Cannabis retailer (application fee $2,500; initial license fee $2,500; renewal license fee $5,000)
  • Cannabis wholesaler (application fee $5,000; initial license fee $5,000; renewal license fee $10,000)
  • Cannabis transporter (application fee $250; initial license fee $500; renewal license fee $1,000)
  • Cannabis testing facility (application fee $10,000; initial license fee $10,000; renewal license fee $20,000)
  • Cannabis event organizer (application fee $750; initial license fee $750)
  • Cannabis delivery service (application fee $250; initial license fee $500; renewal license fee $1,000)

Minnesota medical cannabis news

In Minnesota medical cannabis news, regulators have added irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to the list of now 19 qualifying conditions for the state’s medical cannabis program. Patients certified with IBS or OCD became able to purchase medical marijuana on August 1, 2023. Research has indicated that people suffering from these two conditions can benefit from using cannabis for treatment of symptoms, the Minnesota Department of Health said in a news release.

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