Joi Botanicals Cultivates Craft Cannabis with the CVault

Joi Botanicals | Craft Cannabis Cultivation

Joi Botanicals is a highly curated craft cannabis company in Canada. They love cannabis — plain and simple. Founded to discover the potential of cannabis grown in a precise and automated environment, Joi Botanicals incorporates equipment and processes that help them perfectly engineer cannabis products, including our world-renowned CVault. Joi uses the CVault in their day-to-day operations for their cannabis cultivation and curing process. Let’s take a closer look at what brings joy to Joi Botanicals!

Curated Cannabis 

Joi Botanicals produces small-batch cannabis that is curated for optimal potency, flavor and benefits. They treat each plant with special care and attention to provide consistent results. Some of the things that set Joi Botanicals apart from other cannabis cultivators: 

  • Each strain is housed in a separate room 
  • Automated environmental controls mean no unexpected temperature changes to disturb the cannabis
  • Ozone-treated and recirculated water allows for pure and environmentally-conscious nourishment
  • Grown locally in Alberta and distributed on a small-batch scale

By combining these practices with their special attention to care, Joi Botanicals cultivates superior strains that give consumers the exact cannabis experience they desire.

Small Batch, Large Scale Cannabis Cultivation

The reality for many companies that are trying to maintain consistency when curing cannabis is that they simply can’t rely on glass or plastic. While curing cannabis in jars may have worked for small-scale growers in the past, it’s impossible to maintain consistent quality, flavor profiles and potency when the elements can impact the cannabis. This leads business owners to look for large-scale airtight and light-proof containers to consistently cure their cannabis.

Joi Botanicals needed a solution that didn’t involve glass to cure their small-batch cannabis. Glass wasn’t an option due to concerns about potential breakage, and they needed containers that were large enough for the volume they planned to produce. The 50L CVault was the solution!. Our mega-sized cultivator CVault provides Joi Botanical with the airtight stainless steel storage they need for cannabis curing while also protecting it from light and humidity. This leads to more consistency for each strain and doesn’t impact the taste or potency. 

The large capacity CVault provides enough space for commercial cannabis curing, offers an alternative to glass that isn’t breakable and provides cannabis cultivators with an ideal environment to protect their investments. It’s the world’s smartest curing and storage container — no thinking required.

Expertly Grown 

With hundreds of years of combined horticultural experience, the team at Joi Botanicals knows the importance of seemingly minor factors on cannabis growth. The team has used this experience and knowledge to develop a near-perfect way to produce the same quality cannabis from batch to batch.

From their choice in location to their team and even the way their distribution chain works, Joi Botanicals highlights quality and sustainability in everything they do. The company is located in beautiful Alberta surrounded by the Rockies and vast rolling prairies, which provides the perfect location for sustainably grown cannabis. Their market is nearby: Alberta is not only a hub for tech but is quickly becoming a cannabis hub with the highest sales in Canada. This allows craft cannabis companies like Joi Botanicals to grow their cannabis in the same market where it’s sold! 

Focus on Quality 

As the first country to legalize cannabis in North America, Canada feels a bit like a gold (or green) rush for cannabis companies hoping to capitalize on its legality. When legalization happened, companies rushed to corner the market and many succeeded. While many of these businesses are hoping to get their grip on the entire market, others are focusing only on specific areas. These small-batch craft growers have a major advantage that sets them apart from the largest commercial operations: quality. Instead of focusing on distributing the most amount of cannabis, craft growers focus on putting out the highest quality cannabis to more discerning users. 

As a craft cannabis company, Joi Botanicals knows the importance of providing customers consistent quality across all of their strains. This is why, instead of trying to grow their production exponentially, they’re focusing on getting a perfect strain every time. Craft growers won’t compete with commercial operations in quantity, but they more than make up for it with quality.

Craft Cannabis is Growing

Check out the video Joi Botanicals recently published on Instagram to see every step of their process and hear from the people who make Joi Botanicals possible (also, peep the cameo appearance of all those CVaults). 

At the time of publication, Joi Botanicals is still working hard to cultivate Alberta’s finest selection of curated cannabis. While they aren’t quite ready to begin selling their product, they’re keeping us updated along the way. Follow along with them on Instagram or sign up to get email updates delivered right to you! 

Learn more about the supersized 50L cultivator CVault and our other containers that are perfect for cannabis cultivation, sales

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