3 Reasons Why Humidity Control is Critical for Hemp Flower Storage

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What’s the most important aspect of hemp flower storage? From seed to sale to home, many pinpoint “humidity control” as being the most critical element to ensuring hemp flower stays both vital and potent for consumption.

Reasons Humidity Control is Critical for Hemp Flower Storage

Hemp farming best practices historically include monitoring a crop for compromised humidity and moisture levels. This helps farmers ensure the hemp flower gets to the consumer with the intended quality and potency desired. Because humidity is widely considered as vital amongst producers and manufacturers, it’s likely that your flower’s humidity was kept at optimal levels during the curing and transporting phases. With quite a few humidity guardians throughout a plant’s life cycle, it would be a shame and even costly for the product to be ruined in the hands of the consumer.

Proper Humidity Controlled Storage Keeps Hemp Flower Safe

With a surge of consumers now looking at hemp to address their physical and emotional needs, safety continues to top the list of public curiosity. Moisture matters. When humidity levels are properly controlled, mold and other contaminants can be avoided completely.

Ideally the relative humidity (RH), which represents the amount of moisture in the air relative to the level of moisture the air is capable of holding, is kept between 55% and 62% when properly storing hemp flower. If kept in an overly dry environment, the flower’s most useful compounds can degrade prematurely. Similarly when kept in an overly damp or moist environment, hemp flower is more likely to develop toxic bacteria and mold, both providing potentially dangerous side effects.

If there’s mold, fungi or any other contaminants present in hemp flower, it is unsafe to ingest in any form. People with respiratory conditions and those with weakened immune systems are especially susceptible to the repercussions of ingesting mold or bacteria found on hemp flower.

Proper Humidity Controlled Storage Protects the Integrity and Quality of Flower

The flavor of hemp flower is produced by its terpenes. Terpenes are protected by the plant’s resin glands called trichomes. Said to be one of the most important aspects of the plant, terpenes are what give hemp flower their distinct flavor profiles like berry, pine, citrus and so many more.

Terpenes are susceptible to damage when exposed to low humidity and high temperatures. Exposure causes terpenes to break down over time, ultimately affecting the taste and aroma of your hemp flower. You can almost guarantee a more flavorful and aromatic smoke when the humidity of hemp flower is controlled properly.

Correspondingly, it can take months of laborious work for your plant to produce the above-mentioned terpenes, so ensuring their integrity is critical! To ensure the freshness and vibrancy of your hemp flower, pay close attention to proper humidity control.

Storing your hemp flower in a stainless steel container adds an extra layer of protection for your terpenes. The CVault protects from outside elements including damaging UV exposure and temperature. The ultra-high food-grade stainless steel CVault has an airtight seal that makes it an effective storage product for hemp flower.

Proper Humidity Controlled Storage Ensures the Longevity of Hemp Flower

Maybe you don’t want or need to use your hemp flower all at once. We get it! Ensuring proper humidity control can mean all the difference in making sure the flower’s beneficial properties and compounds stand the test of time.

While there’s no hard and fast answer to the exact shelf life, many say that if stored properly hemp flower can last upwards of one year. Whether making a topical or salve, edible, or simply consuming hemp flower the ol’ fashioned way by smoking, ensuring the humidity is controlled will keep your hemp flower fresher for longer.

CVault: Humidity Control for Hemp Flower Storage

Now that you know the top reasons to control hemp flower’s humidity, it’s time to choose a container. Perhaps we’re biased, but the CVault is the only choice for a reputable hemp flower storage container for both personal use and cultivators. From safety to freshness, proper storage of your hemp can seem complex at first, but diligence pays back in the long run in both quality and safety.

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