Product Focus: CVault and Boveda Humidity Packs

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One of the reasons that a CVault is the best possible storage solution for cannabis is because, unlike other solutions, CVaults, when paired with a Boveda humidity pack, help to maintain the correct humidity for your product. There are several options when considering humidity control for cannabis. We’ve talked to people who use sponges, beads, gels, and crystals, but by far, the easiest and most effective combination is a CVault and Boveda Humidity Pack.

Boveda: Humidity Control for Cannabis

Boveda is a global leader in two-way humidity control, having invented and patented an easy-to-use humidity control system that delivers the best results.

Boveda outperforms the competition in several ways:

  • Boveda packs can both absorb AND add moisture to the air.
  • Boveda will not over-humidify, which can cause mold.
  • Boveda packs do not need to be maintained.
  • Boveda packs will not contaminate the product.

The Boveda humidity pack is engineered to respond to air conditions, constantly adding and removing moisture to achieve the perfect level of humidity for your cannabis. Each Boveda pack has an RH level printed directly on the pack. The RH (relative humidity) determines how much pure water vapor is released from the pack.

Boveda humidity packs are used for all sorts of products for which humidity control is important. Made from natural ingredients such as salt and water, Boveda packs emit only purified water vapor. The purity is essential. No one wants to introduce harmful chemicals to their products, and sadly, many drying agents are made of dangerous substances. Boveda’s mission is to “protect, preserve, and optimize moisture-sensitive products.” They offer a 100% guarantee on all of their products.

CVault and Boveda: The Perfect Match

When you use a CVault outfitted with a Boveda Humidity Pack, you get an easy-to-maintain system for ensuring the freshness of your product. CVault’s food-grade, stainless steel, air-tight containers are made to protect products from air, light, and physical damage. Boveda packs ensure the well-protected products remain at peak freshness while inside.

The most important part of cannabis lives in the most delicate parts of the plant. Tiny, fragile hairs, seeds, and crystals carry much of the potency. If those delicate parts of your product become too dry, they will crumble, and your plants will lose some of their most valuable oils. To make a long story short, your plants need some humidity if you still want them to remain potent as the day you cured them while in storage.

Even if you are storing your products in extreme environmental conditions, Boveda can provide humidity control for cannabis. Boveda recommends using multiple packs in drier climates and CVault allows you to do just that. Multiple packs are especially useful in larger containers.

Note: Boveda Humidity Packs should not be mixed with other humidification products as they will interfere with each other’s performance.

Replacing Your Humidity Pack

Boveda Humidity packs do a great job of letting users know how well their storage containers are working. The Boveda pack even lets you know it needs to be replaced when the pack begins to feel dry and crispy. When the pack becomes solid, it is officially done.

If your Boveda packs begin to dry quicker, you know they are working extra hard. This could be an indicator that your storage container isn’t air-tight. A Boveda Humidity pack will last longer in a CVault than in alternative storage containers because of CVault’s air-tight construction. The more air that gets into your container, the shorter the Boveda pack will last.

Humidity Control for Cannabis

Try it out. Split your stash of cannabis in half. Put one half in a regular mason jar and the other half in a CVault outfitted with a Boveda Humidity Pack. Decide how long you want to wait, a few weeks or months, and then sample products from both storage containers. You’ll be amazed at how well the CVault system and Boveda work together to keep products as fresh as possible.

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