CVault Works: Other Storage Containers Don’t, Here’s Why

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CVault is the best product on the market for storing your flower. Unlike other popular containers, the CVault was specifically designed to store and preserve plant extracts. For that reason, CVault is the best flower storage system for those who care about preserving the quality of their plant products.

Many people think all of the hard work goes into plant production, and that certainly is where a great plant product starts. However, once the plant is grown, preserving potency and freshness in storage is the highest priority. What’s the point of growing superior plants and curing their delicate harvests if you’re just going to toss them into a flimsy plastic bag or a hazardous environment without proper protection?

If stored properly, most dried plants, flower buds, and plant extracts can retain their peak freshness for up to two years if stored properly. However, certain environmental factors can damage plant products.

Environmental Factors

Light will affect your product just like the sun will fade the siding on your house. Too much light will reduce the potency of your product by draining certain chemicals from the plant, the very chemicals that give it its power.

Too much or too little oxygen can cause your product to prematurely get stale or moldy. This is why many people vacuum seal their product. The problem with vacuum sealers is that they often cause the product to be packed too tight or too loose. A storage container should not allow much room for air, but it should allow a little room for airflow.

Moisture causes mold, but keeping your products too dry can cause the potent chemicals in your plant to degrade. It’s important to find a happy balance between moisture and dryness.

Excessive heat increases the likelihood that your dried plant materials will turn brittle and lose many of their therapeutic benefits. Many people refrigerate plant extracts to avoid this kind of heat damage, but excessively cool temperatures have their own detrimental effects. For many years, people stored their plant extracts in freezers. However, with some delicate herbs and extracts, especially any that have delicate crystals, the low temperatures of the freezer can cause the crystals to fracture and the plants to lose potency.

Inferior Flower Storage Systems


Plastic bags, even vacuum-sealed plastic bags, are not ideal for storing natural products. For one thing, plastic encourages sweating if the seal is not strong enough. Plastic is often tossed around because it is seen as unbreakable. However, unless the plastic is exceptionally strong, the flower buds inside could be damaged because the plastic isn’t solid enough to protect the delicate product inside making it a poor flower storage solution.


Glass has long been a popular storage container for plant extracts because it’s cheap and doesn’t pollute the product. However, glass is a poor choice for several reasons. It’s extremely fragile for one thing. If you are using glass to transport your product, you will definitely lose some product to damage. Using a stronger storage product is like an insurance policy against this kind of damage.

One of the primary destroyers of product is light, so clear glass will not protect your product as well as dark glass. However, even with dark glass, you still have the risk of breakage.

CVault is the Best Flower Storage System

So, what’s the best way to keep high-quality dried plants and plant extracts at their peak freshness?

Use of Cvaults and EVaults are a no-brainer when it comes to superior flower storage systems for flower buds, spices and more. CVaults are built to create a perfect environment for storing perfectly cured flower buds and spices.

CVaults are made of tough, resilient stainless steel that protects the delicate, high-quality, potent dried plants inside. Stainless steel does not allow light inside and the clips ensure an airtight storage space, safe from the oxygen damage. CVaults can be used with humidity control packs to ensure just the right balance of humidity leading to the conclusion that a CVault stored in a temperature-controlled space is the best flower storage solution for dried plants.

Purchase your CVault flower storage solution today.

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