Humidity plays a significant role in the storage of hemp flower. That’s why it’s so important to have a humidity controlled storage container you can rely on. Combined with a Boveda humidity pack, CVault is the best choice for hemp flower storage both for personal and cultivator use.

Ideally, the humidity level for dried flower storage should remain between 55% and 62%. If hemp flower is stored in an overly dry environment, the flower’s compounds begin to degrade. When hemp flower is stored in a moist or overly damp environment, it’s more likely to develop mold and bacteria, which can lead to dangerous side effects. People with weakened immune systems and respiratory conditions are especially susceptible to those effects that come from ingesting bacteria or mold found on the improperly stored flower.

Terpenes provide the flavor of the hemp flower and break down when exposed to high temperatures or low humidity. When they do, the flavor and aroma of your hemp flower is no longer the same as when you procured it. That means that ensuring the integrity of your terpenes is critical for an enjoyable smoke.

When you have a humidity controlled storage container, such as the CVault, you don’t have to use your hemp flower all at once. By ensuring it’s stored at the proper humidity level, and protected from outside elements including temperature and UV exposure, your flower’s compounds and beneficial properties can last upwards of a year.