How Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Packaging Can Help Weed’s Waste Issue

environmentally friendly cannabis storage | stainless steel humidity controlled storage container

Cannabis and hemp legalization has brought much in the way of economic, social, and cultural progress to states and countries who’ve legalized the long prohibited plant. Yet it hasn’t come without some distinct challenges along the way too! Those celebrating the numerous health and wellness benefits of cannabis Sativa find themselves at a new ethical and environmental crossroads, “what about all that plastic packaging?”. One environmentally friendly cannabis storage option, FreshStor’s proprietary, medical-grade stainless steel CVault and EVault’s. 

Progress and the Plastic Problem

If you live in one of the first states and provinces to legalize cannabis then you’ve seen how much plastic has been used and discarded to get hemp and cannabis into the hands of those that need it. Medicinal and adult-use consumers alike slowly began to realize that this newly emerging and beneficial industry is now part of the 150 million ton problem that is single-use plastic. 

A big part of the problem at that. According to the Santa Fe Reporter, the cannabis industry alone creates an estimated one billion units of plastic each year– and that’s not including numbers on the impossible to recycle, vape pen! Not only can it take up to one-thousand years for single-use cannabis packaging to decompose, but exposure to extreme heat in landfills can also release toxic chemicals that further pollute the environment. 

With all the hype around the healing benefits of cannabis, we can’t ignore the obvious elephant in the room: waste and the degradation of our planet and ecosystems.

Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Businesses

Environmental and sustainability activists have rallied to support addressing the unique quandary of packaging one of Mother Earth’s most sacred and stigmatized medicines, and because of these much needed public conversations around storage that’s kinder to the environment, a few environmentally friendly cannabis companies have emerged. 

One such option? You guessed it, FreshStor. FreshStor manufactures two highly effective and environmentally friendly products for cannabis flower and extract storage. The CVault and EVault are manufactured from two different types of stainless steel: 304 food-grade stainless steel and 316 pharma-grade stainless steel. Not only can you ensure that your cannabis stays fresher, longer, you can also do your part in eliminating single-use plastic waste in cannabis. This is especially true for the home grower, as you can go from seed to storage, without creating waste at all!

Stainless Steel, A Greener Alternative

Stainless steel is a green product. It is 100% recyclable, as it’s not coated with any toxic material and it does not produce any toxic run-off. Its impact on the environment is minimal when compared to that of plastic and some say it’s time we consider it for small and large scale storage needs. 

Today, especially when issues affecting the environment are so incredibly important to preserving our planet, stainless steel rises to the top of the viable recyclable material option list. No matter what your reason for storing your cannabis and hemp, it is time to go green and ditch toxic plastic and breakable mason jars for your short and long-term cannabis storage needs. Because quite frankly, it’s the right thing to do when discussing cannabis and the need to confront its impact on the environment. 

Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Storage

Whether you are storing for personal consumption or large-scale manufacturing, the CVault and EVault by FreshStor are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of personal consumers and cultivators alike. Additionally, stainless steel is said to last over the course of decades, which can’t be said for other cannabis and hemp packaging options. If you no longer need your CVault or EVault, be sure to take them to a recycling center instead of throwing them in the trash. When recycled properly, stainless steel returns not only steel but also nickel and chromium. FreshStor’s proprietary, medical-grade stainless steel products are just one possible solution for fixing the weed and waste issue, but compared to other cannabis storage options, they’re a standout solution.  

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