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Many have been asking, “Is rec weed legal in Delaware?” With cannabis legalization sweeping the nation, you would think that it is. But while Delaware medical cannabis has been legal since 2011 for those 18 and older with “certain serious or debilitating conditions,” Delaware cannabis laws do not allow the sale of cannabis for recreational use.

Cannabis advocates have long been frustrated by Gov. John Carney, who not only expressed concerns about how the legalization of recreational cannabis would impact both the youth of Delaware and highway safety, but even went so far as to veto cannabis legalization bills last year. This made him the first Democratic governor to ever make such a move. Nonetheless, on April 23, 2023, Delaware, known as “The First State,” became the 22nd state to legalize the use of adult-use recreational cannabis. On that date, the governor allowed a pair of bills establishing a regulated adult-use market to become law without his signature.

With more than 60% of Delawareans and two thirds of the general assembly in favor of legalization, there will definitely be celebration at no longer having to ask “Is weed legal in Delaware” in 2023.

With all penalties for “personal use quantity” of marijuana by adults 21 and older removed, Delaware residents who love the ganja and all the benefits it has to offer will soon have more than enough reason to party hearty. If you are one of them, it’s wise to think about where you are going to keep all your green now that you’re legally able to have it. For the ultimate storage solution for all your cannabis needs, look no further than FreshStor.

CVault: Cannabis Storage in Delaware

So, soon enough Delaware cannabis laws will allow you to walk into a dispensary and buy some premium Delaware cannabis. Not just Delaware medical cannabis — we’re talking purely recreational cannabis. That’s a good thing.

But no one wants to waste their hard-earned bucks…which is exactly what can happen when you keep your weed in the package it came in. Even transferring it to a glass jar or cute little wooden box can’t give you the protection that you need. The look, taste and especially the potency of your cannabis can degrade from exposure to elements like air, light, heat and moisture. But with the revolutionary protection of a CVault, these are issues that you’ll never have to think about again.

No more dry shake or moldy buds when you store your stash in a CVault. CVaults use 304 grade stainless steel combined with silicon rings and secure latches to create the perfect environment for whatever you place inside. A CVault’s airtight seal not only maintains cannabis’ flavor, but can actually increase its shelf life. And in sizes that hold anywhere from one quarter ounce to a whopping two pounds, there is a CVault perfect for every person and every need.

With the CVault, FreshStor has created for you the world’s smartest curing and storage container — no thinking required! CVault makes Delaware cannabis storage a no-brainer.

is rec weed legal in Delaware and the best Delaware cannabis storage

EVault: Extract Storage in Delaware

Is rec weed legal in Delaware? It sure is, you guys. But if flower ain’t your thing and you’re more into oil, hash or wax, that’s cool. FreshStor can still hook you up with the perfect jawn to keep your concentrates fresh and protected.

Just like the CVault, the EVault is sleek and beautiful as well as secure and sanitary. With 316 stainless steel and seamless interiors, the EVaults come in three, seven and 21-liter sizes that can nest together for a minimal storage footprint. Protect your investment the smartest way you can by putting those plant-extracted isolates, distillates and oils someplace where you know they’re safe — an EVault.

Delaware medical cannabis

CVault “twist”: Portable Cannabis Storage in Delaware

If you’re gonna go enjoy life to the fullest, you’re probably going to leave your couch. Surely, you don’t want to leave good ol’ Mary Jane at home. Not a worry when you have a CVault “twist” for your medical cannabis and legal rec weed in Delaware.

Whether you are racing to Dover or dela-punching in Milton, meeting up with some fish stickers in Rehoboth Beach or getting all artsy in Wilmington, you can pack up your finest in a CVault “twist” and feel secure that you’re getting all the safety and protection of a CVault, just in a smaller quarter or half ounce size. A CVault “twist” can easily fit inside your pocket or purse, and has a three-nub twisting closure for that same CVault airtight seal that not only provides freshness protection, but also ensures no one can get a whiff of what you’re holding. Go buckwild, but be smart about it by taking a CVault “twist” on your next adventure.

small CVault "twist"
cannabis home grow kits

Get the Best in Delaware Cannabis Storage

Is recreational weed legal in Delaware now? Yes, indeedy. Enjoy the freedoms that cannabis activists have fought so hard for while you’re baggin’ up at ol’ Gov. Carney and those Big Canna companies like Fresh Delaware who tried to stop you.

Now that Delaware cannabis laws are favorable, go ahead and smoke it, vape it, dab it, munch it up or drink it down. But whatever you do, don’t be a goose and think that where you keep your Delaware cannabis and cannabis products doesn’t matter. Obtaining premium quality cannabis is only step one. Step two is keeping it as fresh and potent as the day you got it. Don’t get bamboozled by imitators who can’t compete! Buy direct today to get a CVault, EVault, deluxe combo pack or home grow kit of your very own for the ultimate in affordable storage and protection that will last for years to come. Remember FreshStor for your every Delaware cannabis storage need.

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