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Excellent Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

CVault gift ideas

Every year it happens. Without fail. The final serving of Thanksgiving leftovers is eaten and then bam! December is here and you need gift ideas. Whether you need to buy for a friend or family member who’s just enthusiastically obtained their medical card, your local cultivator, shaman, or even your favorite yogi, FreshStor has CVault gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Since entering the flower storage market with their proprietary storage container, the CVault™, FreshStor, a company seeking to provide extract and flower storage solutions to distributors and consumers alike has yet to let us down! So why not add these superb storage containers for herb and flower bud to your holiday shopping gift idea list?

From medical grade stainless steel and proprietary CVault and EVaults to an assortment of accessories needed to store your organic material, be it flower bud, oil, extract, or powder, see how many gift ideas you can cross off your list at or at any retailer that carries them.


Whether your giftee desires the quality freshness of their flower buds, tobacco, spices, or any other organic materials the CVault is definitely the way to go! Commonly referred to as the “ultimate storage and curing container”, people swear by their CVault. Providing storage solutions ranging in sizes from 14 to 55 grams, the CVault is constructed of one-hundred percent 304 food-grade stainless steel, ensuring optimal freshness and usability of your giftee’s product.

Ideal for traveling with smaller portions of up to 14 grams, the extremely versatile steel container is heat resistant, antimicrobial, and anti-corrosive. Priced at $20.99, the small CVault is perfect for the giftee on-the-go.

Another great gift idea under $25 is the medium-sized CVault. Priced at $24.99, your giftee will enjoy all the safety and durability of medical-grade stainless steel, they’ll just be able to store more! This container holds up to 1 oz. or 28 grams and provides the same freshness and quality!

Great Gift Idea for the Cultivator in Your Life

Your favorite farmer put a lot of hard work into the health and success of their crops. Surely, they need to keep their harvest fresh! You can’t go wrong when purchasing a CVault, which comes in sizes all the way up to 50 liters, making it a great gift idea for the cultivator in your life.

This is an excellent vessel to keep materials included within fresh and ready for consumption. I’ve purchased approximately 10 of varied sizes and I have a 100% satisfaction with this product” read a recent product review by a cultivator on retail website Amazon.


If oils and concentrates are your giftee’s thing, you can’t go wrong with FreshStor’s newest release, the EVault. The master of storage really stepped it up with the EVault™. Designed to protect herbal oils and concentrates from excess light and moisture, the EVault™ is the best choice when buying for the extract nerd in your life.


Boveda Humidity Pack by Boveda

The reasonably priced CVault comes with just one maintenance requirement to ensure proper usability. To ensure the freshness and potency of your flower bud, the Boveda should be replaced every 60-90 days, as recommended. If you’re not exactly sure when to replace it, keep an eye out for when the liquid in the pack turns to a hard granule state. Then you’ll know it’s time to change your humidity pack. Replacement Boveda’s cost between $1 and $3, depending on if your giftee is using theirs for personal or commercial purposes.

Your giftee can even add their Boveda to any older, less potent buds they have lying around. Many users report storing their less fresh flower bud in the CVault with a Boveda pack to assist the flower bud in reaching the desired relative humidity level (RH) of either 54 or 62 percent.

Digital Round Hygrometer by Xikar

Designed for long-term accuracy and minimal maintenance, the digital hygrometer is priced just under $30.

Gift Cards by FreshStor

Available in denominations of $25-$100, FreshStor gift cards can be bought in unlimited quantities and are available online.

Get the gift that keeps on giving this year and check out FreshStor’s safe, non-toxic storage solutions. Your friend or loved one will thank you for years to come.

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