CVaults and Fire: A Story of Survival

cvault fireproof

We here at FreshStor have always known that we developed a superior product when it comes to our CVaults and fire. Made with grade 304 stainless steel and using an airtight design, our beautifully constructed CVaults are the premier way to protect and preserve plant materials and ensure a longer shelf-life. We’ve put it to the test so you don’t have to. We know that by using austenitic steel with a high chromium content, we are helping you protect whatever it is you find valuable from a variety of harsh elements such as air, light, and moisture.

But even we had to do a double-take when we recently received photos and communication from our customer, Robert S.

Robert S. came face-to-face with one of the worst nightmares anyone can imagine: a house fire. Not just any small spark, this was one that consumed everything and turned what was once his home into a total loss. Not only was there drywall and insulation falling through the roof, but also extreme and extensive water damage from the brave firefighters doing their best to subdue the blaze. Robert had to jump out of a window to safety and unfortunately ended up seriously injured and was recovering in the hospital when he reached out to us.

Have a look for yourself:

cvault fireproof

Horrifying, right?

Can you imagine having to pick through the pieces of what was once your home?

And while we are sure it wasn’t the very first thing he did – eventually, Robert went about looking for his 6-liter CVault within the very room you see pictured above.

Picking through the wreckage, he found what he was looking for. No longer a bright and shiny silver, Robert’s CVault was now charred black. The gasket was a bit deformed. His heart sank and his expectations were low.

cvault fireproof

But as he went on to unlatch the top, he realized that a CVault miracle had occurred! The plastic items he had placed inside remained un-melted. And upon further investigation, he discovered that his product inside was still an amazing consistency. It was not dried out in the slightest. There was no funny smell. It tasted great. His contents were completely smoke and water-damage free. A variety of items all around Robert’s CVault were utterly and completely destroyed – but the contents inside his CVault remained virtually unscathed.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Robert and everyone else affected. We wouldn’t wish this kind of gut-wrenching and life-changing experience on anybody or anything. But we are grateful that the CVault and fire combination was one of the things he could count on during this time of unimaginable stress. We are proud of our CVault!

CVault and Fire

Now, chances are that you, personally, are never going to have to deal with circumstances as extreme as Robert had to. At least, we certainly hope you never do. But we just want to let you know that, whatever your circumstances, if you are looking for storage and protection for your flower and other dried goods – there is no smarter or better choice to make than our CVault.

CVault is the perfect choice for short- or long-term storage. Each CVault container includes a patented holder in the top specifically designed for Boveda packs which provide increased humidity protection using completely natural elements without any chemicals. Our containers have a wide mouth design for easy access, and multiple latches to literally lock in product freshness. CVaults are available in a large variety of sizes ranging from the x small with a ¼ oz capacity to the 50 liter which can hold well over 5 lbs of product. CVaults can also be purchased in combo packs, and cultivator kits, each containing multiple sizes, and each and every CVault is incredibly easy to use, clean, and sanitize. And if you need similar superior protection for your liquids and extracts as well as dried plants, we also have EVaults available for you.

Many thanks to Robert S. for sharing his story with us. Our hearts go out to him and we wish him all the best. And again – we are overjoyed that our CVault was a product that he could count on. If you haven’t already purchased a CVault of your very own, we hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you as well, hopefully without the CVault and fire combination.

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