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Cannabis connoisseurs know the curing stage of cultivation is vital to the smokability and effectiveness of the product. But the humidity in curing jars can vary widely when it’s not controlled. Wet cannabis does not burn well, and dry cannabis lacks flavor and loses trichomes. Luckily we have the perfect product combination to ensure your cannabis is cured properly and lasts until it is consumed — the CVault and its best “bud,” the Boveda humidity pack. The airtight seal of a CVault combined with the patented two-way humidity control technology of a Boveda pack delivers a quality product every time.

Humidity plays a huge role in the quality of cannabis. It can have negative or positive impacts on the quality and can be the difference between a great bud and one that’s discounted far too soon.

Negative Impacts of Uncontrolled Humidity

Too much humidity. The main concern for an excess of moisture is the chance of fungal or microbial growth that can lead to mold, making the product unsafe for consumption.

Too little humidity. Not enough moisture produces dried-out buds that burn too fast and provide a harsh smoke. Dry brittle product leads to more shake, which devalues it. Lack of moisture can also lead to brittle trichomes. Trichomes are the fragile hairs on buds that are packed with terpenes and cannabinoids. Brittle trichomes will fall off the cannabis and can cause its valuable components to evaporate, diminishing the therapeutic value. 

Positive Impacts of Controlled Humidity in Curing Jars

When humidity is at the correct level there will be no loss of oil, character or flavor. Terpenes are effectively preserved when cured slowly and properly, creating a better tasting product that offers a more potent high.

The right amount of humidity plays a major role in protecting your investment by extending shelf life. Weed that is cured and stored properly can keep its quality for much longer than weed that is not — well over a year. Studies have also shown that overly dry weed can lead to investment loss because simply put, dry weed weighs less. A drier product often requires a larger consumed amount to achieve the desired effect, resulting in losing loyal customers who feel like they received subpar bud. 

Favorable humidity levels allow for adequate chlorophyll breakdown. Chlorophyll is not only responsible for the beautiful green color of cannabis but also responsible for creating a harsh smoke. Proper curing and humidity levels ensure chlorophyll has time to break down and be released from the buds.

One of the most beneficial aspects of proper humidity control is higher THC content. Creating an ideal humidity level — ensuring mold and bacteria can’t grow — provides a safe environment for a prolonged curing stage. Slowly curing a crop gives THCA the chance to naturally convert to THC, producing a more potent psychoactive end result. 

With the right conditions and equipment, it’s even possible to easily revive old product. We’ve all been there: we found some flower we forgot about but now it is bone dry. With the help of an airtight seal and a humidity control pack, rehydrating weed is possible. Boveda humidity packs not only expel moisture, but they also add moisture as needed. 

Boveda is made with all-natural elements: salt and water, NO CHEMICALS, making it safe and worry-free! Salt kills off microbes and mold by absorbing their moisture and dehydrating them. It has been used for centuries to preserve fresh products. Boveda’s two-way technology adds or removes moisture as needed.

Humidity is measured using the term “relative humidity” or RH%. The ideal RH for the curing and storage phase is 58%-62%, and Boveda offers humidity packs available in both at various sizes. Maintaining the optimal RH does not have to be a balancing act. We have taken out the guesswork of determining the ideal humidity for curing. The combination of the CVault and Boveda humidity packs creates the perfect environment — airtight and protected from the light and unstable humidity.

Cannabis is just as fragile as it is powerful. Without the right storage and moisture levels, it will quickly lose its terpenes along with the other precious compounds we love so much. Maintaining proper humidity in curing jars is essential to regulating quality. Whether you’re a cultivator, distributor or consumer, protect your investment with the CVault. Shop now!

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  • what temp. should it be in my CVault, it is around 67 degrees, humidity 58 t0 62. what is the highest temp. before I have a problem?

    • Hi Rory. Ideally you wanna keep your temp no higher than 70 degrees. You might notice so degradation at flowers stored higher than that for any significant amount of time.
      Thanks for the support!

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