Best grinder for joints and vaping — rated

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POV: You’re about to roll a joint, or light up a bowl. Suddenly, your trusty old grinder — you know, that one you’ve been using for years that’s so sticky it’s not even fun anymore — makes its final rotation. And suddenly you’re in the market for an upgrade. You want a cool weed grinder (because why not?!) but you don’t know the lay of the land when it comes to the best buds grinders for smoking.

Thankfully, cannabis culture — and its integration with art and design — has come a long way. Just as the heady glass movement is experiencing its own renaissance, the availability and quality of smoking accessories has rocketed in tandem with the growth of the global cannabis legalization movement.

So, what’s on the market these days? Where can I find the best buds grinder? Are all cool herb grinders for smoking still neon and etched with weed leaves? Which brands are pushing the boundaries, and what’s a good bang for your buck in the cool grinders category? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for grinders for smoking or vaping, here are our picks of the best on the market right now with options for all budgets and smoking habits.

Best Grinders for Smoking Joints

Rolling that perfect joint is all about achieving an even blend and fluffy texture. You don’t want your flower to turn to dust, but equally, those buds should be chopped nice and small while maintaining the trichomes as much as possible.

Best budget grinder: The Mill

Introducing the Mill — a precision engineered bud grinder, complete with a magnetic lid and a smart wooden inlay exterior. Manufactured by accessory brand The Vessel, the warm wooden tones of this eye-catching model juxtapose what lies inside: super sharp, aluminum teeth. 

When something looks this pretty, and doesn’t break the bank, you might assume the sacrifice is the functionality. Happily with The Mill, this simply isn’t the case.

Best premium grinder: The Santa Cruz Shredder 

Let’s be real here: it’s pretty tough to find a better bud grinder than the Santa Cruz Shredder. Combine a set of saber-like teeth with guaranteed durability (these babies truly last years), and package it all up in whichever vibrant shade takes your fancy. 

Granted, it’s on the pricey side, but this premium piece is a worthy investment, or so say its fans.

Best grinders for vaping and vaporizers

If you’re into vaporizers, you’ll know that coarse, but fine, flower consistency is key to your experience. So which grinders live up to such requirements?

Best budget grinder for vaporizing

We’ve got to shout out the gang at Volcano for this one. Let’s be real: Volcanoes are cracking bits of kit, and with every purchase of the Volcano Vaporizer you also get one of these little guys: the Authentic Volcano Herb Grinder, by Storz and Bickel. The German brand is known for quality manufacturing, and there are no exceptions here. 

When it comes to breaking up your herb, metal is always best. But this budget acrylic grinder retails at $4.90 — less than your average Starbucks order — and does a great job of imitating the results achieved by its pricier pals. 

With a built-in stash case and super sharp teeth, you could do a lot worse for under five bucks.

Best premium grinder for vaporizing

If you’re in the market for a premium grinder, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than the Kannastor Gr8tr V2. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the RYOT brand: these guys don’t compromise on style or function. 

So why do we love it? Apart from being an aesthetic masterpiece, the Kannastor Gr8tr V2 is structurally sound. It’s highly customizable, and while we’d say it’s one of the best on the market for vaping purposes, you can swap between a vape plate and a standard grinder plate.

With a bonus storage compartment, a deep dish grinding chamber, every element of the Gr8r V3 is well thought out; designed with precision and purpose.

Best all-round cool weed grinder

“Get you a grinder that can do both.” If you’re versatile with your consumption, you’ll likely be looking for a grinder that matches that vibe. So which pieces tick all the boxes?

Best all-round budget grinder

If you’re looking for a cool herb grinder without breaking the bank, the Croc Crusher is a great starting point. Retailing at $22, this grinder comes in multiple sizes and colors, and offers everything you need for a solid piece in your cannabis toolkit. The Croc Crusher is great for collecting kief too, and we love that the top grinding chamber is strongly magnetized.

Best all-round premium grinder

Nicknamed the “Lamborghini of grinders,” the Flower Mill is another customizable offering: you can choose from either a three-piece or four-piece option, and choose the material too: light aluminum and durable stainless steel are currently available. 

But the real selling point of the Flower Mill is its patented ‘milling’ technology. This super cool herb grinder actually doesn’t grind — it mills! By rolling your flower across the milling screen, the flower is broken apart in the places it’s most likely to break naturally. The result is insanely fluffy and consistent buds.

For those who take smoking seriously, the Flower Mill is a truly elevated, truly cool weed grinder. You might even say it’s objectively the best grinder out there. 

Pro tip: protect your trichomes

Remember — the best high starts with perfectly cured cannabis, stored in a humidity-controlled cannabis storage container, and prepped for smoking, vaping or rolling with a cool herb grinder. If you’re looking for a top-quality cannabis container that won’t break the bank, check out our personal CVaults.

Whether you store a gram at a time or more than an ounce, we have a CVault that works for you. To keep the humidity at the perfect level and protect your precious trichomes, insert a Boveda pack into the patented pack holder in the CVault lid! Happy smoking!

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